Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Object Stops Traffic In Austin

An Austin Fireman claims to have had a sighting of an object that stopped Austin traffic.

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MUFON Case # 22216
Reporting Date:    03/08/2010
Event Date:    02/21/2007 07:15
Location:    Austin, Texas
Summary: Large metallic object came [from] the clouds partially then reversed back into clouds

This is my second attempt to report this event. My first time was to a local UFO website but I never heard back from anyone.  What I saw that morning has haunted and intrigued me everyday since.

I was in my truck at the intersection of Stassney Lane and IH 35 east bound on Stassney sitting at the stop light. It was rush hour and lots of other vehicles waiting as well.

It was a cloudy morning with a ceiling of no more then 1500 ft I estimated afterwards. As I was waiting at the light an object caught my eye just coming out of the clouds to my front and right. Other people at the light saw it as well.

The object a grayish metal color came partially out of the clouds. The portion of the object we all saw is best described as like the shape of a ram air parachute. This part that was visible was very large and you could see squared sections around the edges and was definitely made of some type of medal [metal].

Only a portion of the object came through the clouds and hovered and you could see the clouds moving past it. It was amazing.

I looked at other drivers and we all missed a cycle of the stop light watching this thing. It made no noise. It stay there for about 30 to 45 seconds and backed into the clouds and it was gone. It did not go straight up but backwards just like where it came from when it appeared.

I am a firefighter/EMT and have extensive knowledge of aircraft and flight space around Austin and this was not anything I have ever seen before or since. I tried looking up aircraft with similar shapes and size and found nothing.

I would be glad to make a drawing for you if needed.


Thank you
John Cole

Note:  Some spelling corrections contained in this report.

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  1. On March 3rd 2010,I filmed two UFOS in Central Austin.One was at 6:45pm right before dark and the other one at 7:20pm.I posted them on YouTube,My YouTube channel is JKL9149.UFO Austin 35 and UFO Austin 34 and UFO Austin 33.


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