Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cigar-Shaped Craft Over Delaware City

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MUFON Case # 22245
Event Date:  03/09/2010 19:27
Location:  Delaware City, Delaware
Summary: Several Cigar Shaped Objects

I was driving 3/4 miles north of the "OLD ST. GEORGE'S" Bridge on rt. 13. I looked up and saw a cigar shaped object with 3 lights, as I got closer to the object, which was slowly moving southwest, I was able to make out windows in the object. There was no audible noise.

My friend called my cell phone just as I saw the object, I told him what was going on and he told me to double back. I did, the slow moving object was gone; however, I saw what appeared to be planes or helicopters now in the distance.

I continued on my original course, and again the same/duplicate object appeared in the same fashion. This time I drove directly under it. No noise, Moving at relativity low speed 50mph, Approx. 200 - 500 feet in the air, approx 70 - 90 feet long. Gray in color, cigar shaped.

I'm not sure what I saw, my friend was on the phone the whole time, I don't have a camera so I couldn't capture it. Dover AFB is located roughly 30 miles south of my position. Could these have been planes on a mission? I've never seen planes move so slowly, without noise. Definitely freaked me out.

I'm no saying it was alien, but it was an object I can't easily identify. Hopefully someone can find out. This must have been seen by others, since rt 1 (a busy highway) runs directly parallel with my position.

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