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More Lights In Dublin & Stephenville, Texas 3/4/2010

More Dublin and Stephenville sightings are being reported during this first week of March, 2010.  Here are two of them.

I will update if more sightings are reported.- SW

Note: Reports have spelling corrects.  To see original reports, click on case numbers.

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MUFON Case #   22135
Event Date:   03/04/ 2010 20:20
City:    Dublin/Stephenville
Region:    Texas
Summary:    30-40 large yellow tint lights flashing in a round shape for a few minutes

I was driving from Stephenville toward my parents house which is a Dublin address. As I was approaching their house which is on the left side of fm 242, Dublin texas I saw about 30 or more huge lights with a yellow tint flashing, one after the other, in an oval to round shape. They appeared very low to the ground, the shape appeared to tilt to one side slightly.

Turning into the drive way, the house obstructed my view of the UFO lights. I began honking my horn as I drove into the drive way, trying to get my mom and daughter's attention so they would come outside and see what was going on.

As I ran up the walkway to the front door I could barely see the UFO lights. When they came outside the lights were gone, BUT we saw and heard 10-15 jets flying much higher in the area above their house. Funny thing though, I heard no noise coming from the UFOs.

The only thing I felt was excitement, I was wearing extremely high heels and am 5 months pregnant, otherwise I would have ran toward the lights, because they appeared that close. About 20 feet behind my parent's house in the pasture just behind. I was the only car driving at this time on a dark farm to market road.

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MUFON Case #  22138
Event Date:    03/04/ 2010 20:15 GMT
City:    Stephenville
Region:    Texas
Summary:    four square orange light that disappeared one at a time

On 03/04/2010 at approximately 20:15 I was stopped at a stop sign Wolf Nursery and the north west

When I looked South to make sure traffic was clear I noticed four Orange lights to the Southwest. I noticed the light were from East to West and started to disappear one at a time. I told my wife and she did not see anything at the time.

I turned south and drove to water tower road to get away from all the city lights. On the way my wife saw several flashing light to the West of the water tower. We stopped and saw multiple flashing lights that were moving from West to east.

The object was moving to the east toward Granbury and was followed by what I believed to be air planes that were very fast, I cannot say that the planes following were military or not, I do know that object left after the planes arrived.

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This was just reported to LITS, that the lake at Granbury, Texas was the location of another sighting, on March 4, 2010.   
I hope that Sharon sees this and will elaborate on the sighting.-SW

Event Date: 03/04/10
City: Granbury, TX
Description: Large disc shaped object with multiple lights hovering above the lake


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  1. I was just standing in my front yard and looked up to see what I thought was a flock of birds flying very high. Then I noticed they were circling and flying in patterns and occasionally stopping completely. There were 10-12 of them and they appeared white and reflective. I won't rule out birds, but the way they moved didn't looked "natural".

    Garland, Texas


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