Friday, March 12, 2010

How To File A UFO Report

I've been asked many times, how to file a sightings report to UFO Reporting Centers.  It isn't difficult, it's just like filling out any other forms but preparedness counts; that and to be truthful in your statements.

Some of the best advice on how to report a UFO sighting can be found here, at "Best UFO Resources", by Dimitris Hatzopoulos.

On his site, Dimitris suggests the information that you should include in your report, what to do when you have an actual sighting and where to report a sighting.

What to do and How to Report a UFO Sighting

Where to Report a UFO Sighting

Best UFO Resources also lists technical overview, video documentaries, video footage, documents, blogs and much more.

There are also a few suggestions I would like to add, such as:

If you can't write everything down as you are observing a UFO, write down as much information as you can, as soon as you can, while it is still fresh in your memory.

If you have a camera, take pictures.  If you have a video camera, use it and follow the guidelines found here.

When preparing to file your report, use a word program on your computer, check your spelling and then copy and paste your report into the area provided by the reporting center, or save and attach the file.

I can't emphasize enough, that "spell checker" is your friend, use it.  If you don't have spell checker, dictionaries can help.

At least attempt to structure a sentence, so that it makes sense.  Use periods and commas as needed.

Don't use "all caps".  IT'S NOT POLITE!  It's considered as 'shouting'.


When video taping an unidentified flying object, try to describe what it is you are seeing. 
Note color(s), shape, apparent size, lights and flashing patterns, direction of movement, flight patterns, sounds (or lack of), etc.  You might also mention what you are feeling, such as whether you are frightened, or have a sense of elation. All this information should be recorded in your typed/written report.

If you have a camera tripod, use it.  If you don't have a tripod, steady the camera by placing your elbows on a solid structure, such as the hood of a car, or even a tree branch.  Use whatever means you have to steady the camera.

Set your camera to manual focus, infinity.  If you want to zoom in, do so manually.

When videoing the object, avoid using foul language.  It might amuse your friends but foul language in the written report, or on the audio, does not amuse those reading, watching and listening to the evidence.

If others are with you while you are videoing the object, ask them to describe what they are seeing.
Of course it would be wise, to ask other witnesses if they are willing to participate in the investigation. Let them know that your intentions are to report this sighting.  If they are agreeable, write down their names and contact information.

When to report your sighting

Report you sighting and offer up any evidence, such as videos, photos, drawings, etc., as soon as possible, preferably that same day/evening.

If you are reporting your sighting to an organization such as MUFON, do not put your name, address, email address, or phone number in the body of the report.  That information should be listed elsewhere in the report file and not where everyone else can see it.  All it takes is a few harassing phone calls, or hateful emails, to make you realize your mistake.

It is important for scientific research of the UFO phenomena, that you report your sightings to a reputable research organization.  However, not all reports will get a reply and not everyone will receive a phone call from MUFON, NUFORC, etc. 

Where to report your sighting

The important thing is that you file that report as soon as possible, honestly and fully.  Your report goes into the UFO database and it's possible that others will report what you saw (from their perspective), corroborating your sighting.

Additional witnesses are a big plus but be sure to get their approval first.

If you do not wish to be contacted by a third party investigator, say so. 

I should also add here, that not including your own contact information will probably lead to the assumption that the report may be a hoax. Allow an investigator to contact you.  They will have more questions that can help your case.

If you would like more information on this topic, you may contact me through this website.

Together we will discern the truth.
Good luck and keep watching the skies.

Sky Watcher

Example of a sighting report:
(click on image for larger view.)


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