Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bell-shaped Objects Over Albuquerque

This report was submitted to MUFON by a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico, who was simply taking a photo for a friend.

MUFON Case # 22092
Date:    02/27/2010
City:    Albuquerque
Region:    New Mexico
Summary:    Not seen with naked eye but caught in a snap-shot

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I wanted to take a picture of the mountains (The Sandias, due West of Albuquerque) and send it to a friend who use to live here. I got on the roof with my laptop – my only other picture taker other than my phone – set it down on the roof, and snapped one. I then climbed back down to take a look at the picture before sending it off. I'm guessing that the object in the upper left of the frame is a bird that passed over me just before the web-cam picture took.

But the other "objects?" to the right however. There are 3 of them, they are cone shaped, and they fade each further in to the distance towards the East. I didn't see those when I took the picture. Then again, I wasn't looking that closely as the web-cam doesn't have an eye-piece. Also upon reflection, I heard no unusual sounds while I was up on the roof.

About 5 minutes later, I went back up on the roof to take a few more shots from the same perspective, but I didn't pick up anything out of the ordinary. I've tried to explain their presence as glare, reflection, or weather balloons, etc - zooming in on them and asking certain rational questions. Their height off the ground and their solid appearance is truly baffling to me, and I would like to know if weather balloons can be "Bell shaped" or could possibly hang this low for such a short time.

If you, or someone you know can answer these questions for me, I'd certainly appreciate it.
Thank you for your interest and your commitment to these types of events.


Original Photo

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Sandia Base

Sandia Base (1946 to 1971), located on the southeastern edge of Albuquerque, New Mexico (35° 02' 25" N, 106° 32' 59"), was the principal nuclear weapons installation of the United States Department of Defense, for 25 years.

The top-secret Sandia Base and its subsidiary installation, Manzano Base, worked on atomic weapons research, development, design, testing, and training, started by the Manhattan Project during World War II. Fabrication, assembly, and storage of nuclear weapons was also carried out at Sandia Base. The base had a key role in U.S. nuclear deterrence capability during the Cold War.

On July 1, 1971, both Sandia Base and Manzano Base merged into Kirtland Air Force Base, thus turning the responsibilities for the nation's military nuclear weapons program over to the Air Force.



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  1. In the early 70's, I was driving back to Rhode Island from Boston after attending a jazz show. I decided to go through Fall River, MA. to get home. I was driving in my 69 T-top Corvette Stingray, and I had the top off since it was a warm night. As soon as I approached the Fall River Massachusetts Bridge, a large Bell shaped craft appeared above the Bridge. The craft was shaped like a Bell without the flange almost like an upside down cup. It seemed metallic and had portals and a Blue Dome
    Light. After about 5 seconds it disappeared. I was definitely frightened. This happened at about 3:00AM.


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