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A 'Silver Ball' sighting in Anna, Texas and a glimpse of the truth about Roswell

In this report, the witness saw a metallic sphere in the clouds, finally reports the sighting and makes a statement, alluding to the truth about the Roswell Crash.

MUFON Case # 22268
Event Date: 07/19/2006 16:21
Location:  Anna, Texas
Shape:    Oval
Duration: 00:01:00
Distance: 100 feet or less
Summary: A silver ball

I was leaning over the top of my car talking on the phone to a friend, when I saw a round silver shiny object come out of a cloud, leave its environment maybe twenty feet and then dart into another cloud, as if it realized it had left cover. There was no sound, not a humming or the whir of a classic motor.

As I was talking on the phone out of boredom, I looked upward as the event happened.

The clouds were about 100ft above ground (this is a 5' tall persons idea of height). The clouds were brilliant blue with a few large puffy clouds interspersed throughout the skyline.

I know it sounds odd and lasted less than 60 seconds....but I KNOW I am not hallucinating. What is truly weird, it was if I could see seams in the craft....were I too imagine it, first I would go with the '50's version of the inverted cup an saucer.......which my father and I saw in 1960 Anchorage Alaska.

Secondly, I would expect them to be so advanced it would not have seams.

I knew exactly what I was seeing, a UFO...we don't have crafts like that in our military; my daughters are USAF & US Army.
I was so excited and let down at the same time. I look for the old fashion ''saucers'', so I was kinda disappointed it was a ball. Buy I knew what I saw was not anything I have flown in.

I told the friend I was talking to at the time, she scoffed at me then said she believed me...but I have learned in the course of our friendship, that is not necessarily true.

Once it left my vision, well, I have kept my eyes on the skies ever since, especially on semi-cloudy no avail. I want to see more!

So having seams was there anyone doing experiments?

I have copied the info from my journal.

To have made this up would take credence from my memory...a lie has no real life, this happened, whether I am Believed or not, doesn't matter, I was there and I saw what I have reported here.

I drew in my journal within minutes of the event, but I don't posses the ability to send it to you except in snail mail. You still want it?


P.S.  My father Maj. Donald R. Thomas (deceased) told me the USAF would not waste it's resources to bring all those men to Roswell for a weather balloon.

*        *        *

Major Jesse Marcel,Sr. supposedly holding fragments
of the Roswell crash UFO debris, July 8, 1947.

More Info on the Roswell UFO Crash in 1947:

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Note: Only a few (not all) minor corrections have been made to this report. 
To see original report, please click on case number.


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  1. I was going towards Mckinney, TX 10 miles South of Anna, TX a March 19 at 4:30 / 16:30pm. There was a Sliver in the sky on the same day. The blimp was in the Allen and Frisco, TX area. I thought I was seeing a UFO also, but as I got closer to the object in the sky driving West on Highway 121 towards I clearly saw that it was a Sliver blimp. I currently looking information about a blimp being in the area.


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