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20 UFO Sightings Reports to MUFON, 1-15 March, 2010

In the first 15 days of March, 2010, there have been 20 sightings reports submitted to MUFON. Here are those reports.

Note: No corrections have been made to any of the reports but to see the originals, click on the case numbers, which will take you directly to the report located on MUFON's website.

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MUFON Case # 22090
Event Date:    2010-02-22 04:11
City:        Houston TX
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -96.5297
Latitude:        29.9936
Shape:    Diamond,Square/Rectagular,Triangle
Distance:    500 feet or less
Description:    There are three shapes,Diamond,Rectagular and Triangle

I see them 3-4 times a week,from 3 AM till 5:30 AM..I have audio and video,many of them!!! I need someone call me and show ,me how to attach the audio/vidio to MUON... Thank You Kenny


MUFON Case # 22104
Event Date:    2010-03-02 07:32
City:          San Antonio
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -98.4126
Latitude:        29.5614
Shape:    Saturn-like,Star-like
Duration:     01:00:00
Distance:     Over one mile
Location:     City
Terrain:        Hills
Visibility:     Clear
Weather:     None
Description:    Bright star-like light during the day vanishes

After dropping my son off at school, I was driving home on the acceses road of 410 heading east when I a bright object in the sky caught my attention. The object I thought might be a star but I questioned how could it be so bright with the 7:30 sun shining? I was captivated and stunned. I starred to at it to try and figure if this obect had it's own light source or if the sun was reflecting from it. The objest did not seem to move as I was looking at it. It may have had motion but would have been difficult for me to see since it was so high up and I was driving. Had I been still, I may or may not have seen it in motion. As I was looking into the sky, I had nearly forgoten that the road (I'm all too familiar with), merges into one lane. From my periphrial vision, I notice the car in the next lane and I nearly collide. I swerve to avoid hitting and the driver slows down to let me get ahead. I re-adjust my vehicle on the road and look back to scan the sky. It's been about 5 seconds since I took my eyes away from the object and it's gone. I figure since I'm in motion, perhaps I maybe mistaken the location of the object in sky. I quickly turn into a nieghborhood just off of the access road and drove back west then drove back onto the access road in an effort to study the sky from the position I had been in just one minute prior. I still saw nothing. I'm baffled. By the way, not one cloud in the sky. I tried to come up with an explination but can't. I've never seen a plane move in a way that it could be out of sight in 5 seconds and a star that bight would need more time to not be visible in the sky. I really don't know what to make of it.


MUFON Case # 22112
Event Date:    2010-03-03 20:00
City:          Granbury
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -97.7452
Latitude:       32.4425
Shape:         Triangle
Duration:     08:05:00
Description:    Triangular shaped with green and red lights.

AS I was walking out to my moms car to get my backpack on 3/3/10 I looked up in the sky to look at the stars wondering what was out their I noticed 3lights 1 red 2green forming a triangler object.I thought it's probly just a plain.It was moving at a very slow speed at first but then it stoped.I stood very still I was scared but facinated at the same time.Then it started moving agian at a very high speed then it vanishid.


MUFON Case # 22114
Event Date:    1973-02-28 00:00
City:         AUSTIN
Region:        Texas
Country:       US
Longitude:    -97.7581
Latitude:        30.3811
Shape:           Disc
Description:    knew skylab time,knew direction,at 620 mi up this med gray circle about like a penny at 8 ft, had heard of ufo but didnot think true. knew skylab pinpoint light

i spent 20 years in air force, retired at san antonio, tx. had met the owner of company in austin and went to work for them. i was single and rented a room in a storage bldg. large u shaped. i either saw it on tv or read it in newspaper about skylab coming over austin at a given time. i knew it would be just a pinpoint of light but thought it would be a neat thing to see. to my surprise it was this medium gray round object passed overhead, it was like a penny at 10 or 12 ft. it appeared flat on the bottom, it was in view about 10 sec. it is still burned in my mind. i had read some stories about ufo's but didn't put very much credit at all in it. i left there after job offer from univ. of tex. to work on skylab project. spent alm ost 20 yrs there. retired. purchased my own computer and got to thinking about what had happened, checked with google and found out that skylab was 17000 mph and 620 miles altitude. the 3 men in skylab took about 4 pic's which showed a red-orsnge color which they estimated at 60 miles away. the sky was cloudless over to 30deg.


MUFON Case # 22122
Event Date:    2010-03-03 19:40
City:          Dublin
Region:        Texas
Country:       US
Longitude:    -98.365
Latitude:       32.1054
Shape:          other
Distance:      Unknown
Description:    Four orange lights comprising the four corners of an inverted trapezoid. They blinked out individually.

I was standing outside in the courtyard of three portable buildings at Cottonwood Baptist Church, all covered by a separate steel-framed covering/roof. The buildings are positioned on the south, west, and north sides, with the east side being open. At approximately 7:40pm, I heard a long afterburner sound, probably 15 to 20 seconds worth. It sounded exactly like an F-16 engine, and I'm confident that it was not a twin-engined jet or a group of jets.

Approximately one minute later, I was on the east side of the courtyard facing west. I was watching the activity in the courtyard when something caused me to look up over the roof of the outbuilding to the west. I saw four orange lights forming the corners of an inverted trapezoid. The lights were of medium intensity, very similar to seeing an old streetlight in the distance. These lights did not seem connected, and as my eyes adjusted, I thought I saw stars between them, though I can't be sure because of the lighting around me at ground level.

When I first noticed them, I knew immediately that these were the lights that had been seen before from this same location around Thanksgiving. My wife and son along with several others had noticed the lights in the same position (west) in the sky during an outdoor fellowship meal.

The lights did not change position or intensity. Since I registered them as streetlamp-like lights, my mind guessed an altitude of 500 - 1,000 feet. The interesting thing about my vantage point is that there is a very narrow distance between the top of the outbuilding's roof and the steel-framed roof, limiting the combinations of altitudes and distances that these objects might have. If my altitude guess is correct, this would place the lights directly over the town of Dublin.

I had time to realize that I was seeing a light event, look for structure between the lights, and sense that there was none before they went out one by one - I believe that top left, lower right, top right, lower left was the order they went out in. They turned off in a manner consistent with a power source being removed, rather than the flickering or changing intensity associated with a burn-out event of a flammable object. The delay between one light going out and the next felt precise.

If you say "One and two and three and four" that's the time pattern they followed.

Because of the afterburner sound beforehand, I was completely convinced that this was a military operation from the moment I saw them. I immediately switched to looking for structure, and couldn't see any. After that, I mainly focused on the upper left light because it felt "closest", and I looked for structure around the light. No structure was detectable.

At 8:23pm, two military jets flew over, one to the west of the church, and one directly overhead. The one overhead registered as being at greater than 10,000 feet, and had just enough engine noise to make me look up and look for it. That was the last thing I saw in the sky before we left.

No one else around me at the time (7-8 adults, ~30kids) reacted, but I did find out that a couple of the girls in the kids group saw the lights as well. Within an hour of the event, after relaying the story to other adults, two different men told me that military jets and helicopters had been flying extremely low around the Stephenville and Hamilton areas in the preceding days. Of significance, there had been a very low flyover of the A&M Agricultural research facility at the corner of Hwy 281 and Hwy 8 (Lingleville Road). This location is approximately 12 miles north/northwest from the location of the sighting.


MUFON Case # 22135
Event Date:    2010-03-04 20:20
City:        Dublin/Stephenville
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -96.0956
Latitude:        28.7072
Shape:         Disc,Flash,Oval
Distance:     100 feet or less
Location:     Farmland
Terrain:       Fields
Visibility:     Clear
Weather:     None
Vallee Index:    CE1
Description:    30-40 large yellow tint lights flashing in a round shape for a few minutes

I was driving from Stephenville toward my parents house which is a Dublin address. As I was approaching their house which is on the left side of fm 242, Dublin texas I saw about 30 or more huge lights with a yellow tint flashing, one after the other, in an oval to round shape. They appeared very low to the ground, the shape appeared to tilt to one side slightly. Turning into the drive way, the house obstucrted my view of the UFO lights. I began honking my horn as I drove into the drive way, trying to get my mom and duahgter's attention so they would come outside and see what was going on. As I ran up the walkway to the front door I could barely see the UFO lights. When they came outside the lights were gone, BUT we saw and heard 10-15 jets flying much higher in the area above their house. Funny thing though, I heard no noise coming from the UFOs. The only thing I felt was excitement, I was wearing extremely high heels and am 5 months pregnant, otherwise I would have ran toward the lights, becausse they appeared that close. About 20 feet behind my parent's house in the pasture just behind. I was the only car driving at this time on a dark farm to market road.


MUFON Case # 22138
Event Date:    2010-03-04 20:15
City:         Stephenville
Region:        Texas
Country:       US
Longitude:    -98.2492
Latitude:        32.2465
Shape:          Other
Description:    four square orange light that dispeared one at a time

On 03/04/2010 at approximately 20:15 I was stopped at a stop sign Wolf Nursery and The north west loop, When I looked South to make sure traffic was clear I noticed four Orange lights To the Southwest. I noticed the light were from East to West and started to disappear one at a time. I told my wife and she did not see anything at the time. I turned south and drove to water tower road to get away from all the city lights. On the way my wife saw several flashing light to the West of the water tower. We stopped and saw multiple flashing lights that were moving from West to east. The object was moving to the east toward Granbury and was followed by what I believed to be air planes that were very fast, I cannot say that the planes following were military or not, I do know that object left after the planes arrived.


MUFON Case # 22143
Submitted Date:    2010-03-05 14:49 GMT
Event Date:    2010-01-18 00:00 GMT
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -102.839
Latitude:        33.2214
Shape:         Other,Unknown
Description:    E.T.Picture

Well my girl freind sent me a picture of her in the moring between 6am to 7am i dont really know what it is she was getting ready for work It looks like a small hand gray silver in color.Before this picture she has been seeing things in her house at night and some sort of E.T. abduction symptoms.
Please send me a email on your response
Attached Photo


MUFON Case # 22152
Event Date:    2009-03-29 00:00
City:            McAllen
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -98.2353
Latitude:        26.2088
Shape:          Other
Location:      Town
Terrain:         Fields
Visibility:       Clear
Weather:       None
Description:    sting ray like looking birds in an arrow formation/disappear, reappear, and dissappear again

I had just flown in from Dallas to Harlingen, landed after 12 noon. I drove back with a friend and her husband to Mcallen, my home town. Before Mcallen, we drove through Pharr Texas. I was in the back seat, and I happened to look up. I noticed, and not too high from the sky, a formation of birds, in an arrow shape, the way your normal birds migrate, but these were not the normal looking birds. They were in a perfect arrow shape, and about 8-10 of them on either side. They were flying in synch, the exact same time and way, these birds looked like sting ray looking animals, very strange looking birds, with a wide wing span, and bodies like a sting ray. As I was watching, they disappeared, then they reappeared within seconds, and they were still in synch as they were flying flapping their wings all at the same time. I did mention what I saw to the 2 people I was driving with, I was a little embarrassed to mention it again. With in seconds they disappeared again, and not into clouds, because they were way below the clouds. I've told my close friends and am embarrassed to mention it to anyone because don't want anyone to think I am crazy. Oh and I failed to mention, it was a beautiful clear day.
1. In the backseat driving home I was looking out the window.
2. Their perfect formation and in synch flying.
3. Regular geese
4. They looked like the body of a sting ray, especially their flapping wide wings as that of a sting rays, they were all flapping at the exact same time.
5. I thought, wow, this couldn't be. There's no way, a formation of birds can flap all at the same time and then just disappear. I know I'm not crazy!
6. They disappeared.


MUFON Case # 22196
Event Date:    2010-02-08 00:00
City:            Athens
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -95.8291
Latitude:        32.1685
Shape:          Unknown
Entity Type:  Unknown
Description:    Man relates to me his abduction.

I met this gentleman for the first time, well over a year ago. I was in my front yard with a telescope, upon seeing him I asked him to have a look. The next time I see him he relates this story to me. This happened to him in Athens Texas. At the time we spoke February 18, 2010, the event had just happened approximately ten days earlier. The time of the abduction was 11:00 or 11:30 pm. He was shaking and had goose bumps covering his arms as he was telling me his story. I reported this abduction to another web site but did such a botched job, I felt I had to file it again.Subject got out of a car he was riding in with friends. He was going to walk across a field surrounded by woods to an apartment complex. His reason for not going directly to the apartments was that he did not want someone at the apartments to see him with his friends. As he was crossing the wooded area heading to the field he felt a presents above him. Some how he knew it was a ufo without looking. He started running through the woods to escape. This is when he heard a twitching noise in the bushes in front of him. He turned and ran in a different direction but no mater which way he turned he would hear the same noises ahead. The noises keep him running in a circle. Then he became paralyzed and could only move in a jerking motion and fell to his knees. At this time God told him not to open his eyes. He became weightless for a few moments. Next he was examined with some device that he called a scanner. As it was moved around his head he could hear a buzzing sound similar to a radio being tuned across the band. This devise made his hair stand up as it was moved over his head. As he was relating this to me he was holding both sides of his head as if he were in pain. While in the craft he hears someone say, he is still alive. Then hears someone one else say, I need a transfer then a string of numbers. For some reason he felt that these numbers were very important and related to me that he wished that he could be hypnotized to reveal the sequence. The duration of the time he was abducted was approximately fifteen minuets. He told me that he cried so much that his shirt was soaking wet. The event was so traumatic that he prayed to God that if he made it through the ordeal that he would give his life to God. When he was returned he was standing, his arms outstretched, looking up at the sky. The condition of the sky before the abduction was cloudy, after his return no clouds with the stars clearly visible.


MUFON Case # 22207
Event Date:    2010-03-04 20:34
City:           Gordon
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -98.3546
Latitude:        32.5765
Shape:         Flash,Other
Duration:     00:00:30
Distance:     Over one mile
Entity Type:    None
Description:    4 to 5 yellow orange lights in a row.

I work on a ranch so I am outdoors all the time. At 834pm I left the barn and was walking outside when I noticed 4 to 5 yellow orange lights in a row. They were southeast of Gordon Texas just above the tree line. If I extended my arm towards the lights I could cover them with my thumb. In other words they were not close to me. The lights were very intense. to the right a new light appeared and the far left light disapeared. I went back to the barn to get my phone and when I returned the lights were gone.The total time that I watched them was for a few seconds. I immediatley recognized the formation as I have seen a similar one before. Several months before the big sighting at stephenville Tx, I was on Hwy 6 near Carbon TX. When I saw the lights I was almost directly under them. I stopped behind a trucker and his wife who were looking at them also. This thing was huge.make a fist and extend it to the sky. It was the width of 4 fists. the lights did not move,but rather one new light would form to the right and the far left light would disappear. When the new light was forming it resembled a neon sign that flickers before it comes on completely. In between the lights there were no stars present. But when the left light would disapper stars could be seen. Consequently, when a new light was forming to the right the stars would fade and only the new light and the light next to it could be seen. We also noted a jet flying above the lights in a circular pattern. The jet was making noise but the lights in a row were silent. I do not remember how long we watched it but it traveled west until it went out of our sight. I also do not know how many minutes passed until a new light would form. I was rather excited and did think about that at the time.


MUFON Case # 22216
Event Date:    2007-02-21 07:15
City:           Austin
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -97.7581
Latitude:        30.3811
Shape:          Other
Distance:      One mile or less
Description:    Large metallic object came the clouds partially then reversed back into clouds

This is my second attempt to report this event. My first time was to a local UFO website but I never heard back from anyone.What I saw that morning has haunted and intrigued me everyday since.
I was in my truck at the intersection of Stassney Lane and IH 35 east bound on Stassney sitting at the stop light. It was rush hour and lots of other vehicles waiting as well. It was a cloudy morning with a ceiling of no more then 1500 ft I estimated afterwards. As I was waiting at the light an object caught my eye just coming out of the clouds to my front and right. Other people at the light saw it as well. The object a grayish metal color came partially out of the clouds. The portion of the object we all saw is best described as like the shape of a ram air parachute.This part that was visible was very large and you could see squared sections around the edges and was definantly made of some type of medal.Only a portion of the object came through the clouds and hovered and you could see the clouds moving past it. It was amazing. I looked at other drivers and we all missed a cycle of the stop light watching this thing. It made no noise. It stay there for about 30 to 45 seconds and backed into the clouds and it was gone. It did not go straight up but backwards just like where it came from when it appeared.
I am a firefighter/emt and have extensive knowledge of aircraft and flight space around Austin and this was not anything I have ever seen before or since. I tried looking up aircraft with similar shapes and size and found nothing.
I would be glad to make a drawing for you if needed.
Thank you
John Cole


MUFON Case # 22240
Event Date:    2010-03-08 01:01
City:           Dallas
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -96.8024
Latitude:        32.7961
Shape:        Triangle
Duration:    00:01:04
Description:    no more stupid lights?

I saw a ufo last night and this guy on the internet said it was a stupid light and his site is nomorestupidlights.com. It looked like a big triangle with lights on every corner and a red light in the middle. I am not lying and that site says that people who see a UFO are lying about it.


MUFON Case # 22265
Event Date:    2010-03-03 22:40
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -96.5567
Latitude:         32.798
Shape:         Star-like
Distance:     Over one mile
Vallee Index:    MA1
Description:    Ufo still at first over sky, then accelerated away and disappeared after shooting across 2/3 of sky

I went outside to smoke a cigarette and was standing on my stoop when I noticed this star like object was moving very very slowly, as could be seen with other stars as reference points. It was a very clear night, and so I stared at it, knowing this could not be a plane or helicopter, but maybe a comet or maybe a satellite. I called my friend on the phone to talk to him about it but just as I was calling it started to speed up so I stared again and it seemed to accelerate at speeds nothing on earth could recreate, it was almost exponential, and then the light just went away (dissolved) over a period of .5-1 sec. Not instantly, just faded away. At first, I was amazed, but now I really want some kind of explanation.


MUFON Case # 22268
Event Date:    2006-07-19 16:21
City:          Anna
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -96.5758
Latitude:        33.3451
Shape:         Oval
Duration:     00:01:00
Distance:     100 feet or less
Location:     Farmland
Visibility:     Partly Cloudy
Weather:     None
Entity Type:    None
Description:    A silver ball

I was leaning over the top of my car talking on the phone to a friend, when I saw a round silver shiny object come out of a cloud, leave its environment maybe twenty feet and then dart into another cloud, as if it realized it had left cover. There was no sound, not a humming or the whir of a classic motor.As I was talking on the phone out of boredom, I looked upward as the event happened.The clouds were about 100ft above ground (this is a 5' tall persons idea of height). The clouds were brilliant blue with a few large puffy clouds interspersed throughout the skyline.I know it sounds odd and lasted less than 60 seconds....but I KNOW I am not hallucinating. What is truly weird, it was if I could see seams in the craft....were I too imagine it, first I would go with the '50's version of the inverted cup an saucer.......which my father and I saw in 1960 Anchorage Alaska, secondly, I would expect them to be so advanced it would not have seams.I knew exactly what I was seeing, a UFO...we don't have crafts like that in our military; my daughters are USAF & USArmy.I was so excited and let down at the same time. I look for the old fashion ''saucers'', so I was kinda disappointed it was a ball. Buy I knew what I saw was not anything I have flown in. I told the friend I was talking to at the time, she scoffed at me then said she believed me...but I have learned in the course of our friendship, that is not necessarily true.Once it left my vision, well, I have kept my eyes on the skies ever since, especially on semi-cloudy days...to no avail. I want to see more!So having seams was there anyone doing experiments?I have copied the info from my journal.To have made this up would take credence from my memory...a lie has no real life, this happened, whether I am Believed or not, doesn't matter, I was there and I saw what I have reported here.I drew in my journal within minutes of the event, but I don't posses the ability to send it to you except in snail mail. You still want it? Respectfully, cheyenne p.s., my father Maj. Donald R. Thomas (deceased) told me the USAF would not waste it's resources to bring all those men to Roswell for a weather balloon.


MUFON Case # 22271
Event Date:    2010-03-12 12:15
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -98.841
Latitude:       27.4201
Shape:         Disc
Description:    Very windy, cloudless day, small disc shaped stationary cloud, disappeared in a split second. Saw again farther north 15 min later.

My husband and I were driving north on Woodway Drive, going toward Loop 820 and Trail Lake Dr. in Fort Worth, Texas, when I looked up and saw a small disc shaped cloud that was stationary in the sky above us. It was shaped like a UFO, but in the form of a cloud. The wind was blowing around 33 miles per hour, it was very, very windy and there were no other clouds in the sky anywhere around the area. I pointed it out to my husband since I'm a big Coast to Coast listener, and I told him that I had heard that some UFO's will take the form of clouds. He and I were watching it and remarking how it wasn't moving at all when all at once it disappeared..poof it was gone. We couldn't believe it but continued driving north. About 15 minutes later we were on Forest Park Blve. near downtown when we saw it again, the same shaped small disc shaped cloud, but farther north and lower to the horizan. We had to make a turn and lost sight of it, but I really believe we may have seen something hidden as cloud in the sky.


MUFON Case # 22281
Event Date:    1978-07-15 12:00
City:         San Antonio
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -98.4126
Latitude:        29.5614
Shape:        Bullet/Missile,Chevron
Location:    City
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    None
Description:    object shaped like small aircraft with forward facing wings- not developed at time of observation

During the summer of 1978 I was outside playing in the yard and heard a humming sound. I was attentive as a child to the military aircraft that are always flying over our home. After hearing a humming sound I looked up and saw a small aircraft that I had not seen before. I watched the craft fly slowly Eastward for about a minute and was out of site over the trees. I estimate flying at about 1500-2000'. The wings were a swept wing design placed in the rear of the craft, but forward facing. Towards the front of the craft were smaller, cannard like wings.I have heard prop planes and have not heard anything that was similar to what I heard that day. I have looked at different types of experimental aircraft and not have found anything that was flying at the time that was close to what I witnessed. The only aircraft that may resemble is a Velocity Aircraft. The only noted difference is the wings are swept back. After serving in the Air Force and being around aircraft, I have yet to see any type of aircraft that has this design.


MUFON Case # 22282
Event Date:     2009-08-10 00:00
City:          Austin
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:   -97.7581
Latitude:       30.3811
Shape:        Circle
Description:     several balls of light hovering in sky over austin texas

we were driving on the highway at night the city of austin texas to our right. when i look over and see a glwoing light about the size of a quater. suddenly it turned into 3 or four balls of light that were slowly weaving in and out of each other. they would turn into 1 ball and then 3 or four balls for several minutes and then it became a sigular ball again for several more minutes and then it was just gone. we were FREAKING OUT!!!! it was unexplainable and i wonder what the hell we saw. people say we were on drugs but no drugs were involved this [cms/tg/pd] was jsut crazy!!!


MUFON Case # 22298
Event Date:     2010-03-09 15:50
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -96.7666
Latitude:        33.6289
Shape:         Circle,Sphere
Duration:     00:02:00
Distance:     One mile or less
Location:`    Lake/River
Terrain:       Hills
Visibility:     Clear
Weather:     Lightning,Light
Entity Type:     None
Description:     Saw an orb following a SW Airliner. It slowed down and veered right another orb appeared and they flew away together as if in formation.

Last Tuesday, at approximately 3:50 pm in Lakeway, TX (30°22'24" N, 97°58'37" W) I was leaving my house to run up to the store. Right as I was opening my car door I had the urge to look up. I think the Suns reflection off of the plane or the orb itself may have flashed and caught my peripheral. Anyway I looked up and noticed a SW Airline plane at 30° NE heading West (roughly over Lake Travis). I noticed a bright white orb on its trail. The sky was completely clear and sunny out. I had to take my sunglasses off to make sure what I was seeing was not a reflection. Not less than 30 seconds later, the orb slowed to almost a complete stop and veered 5° NE as the plane continued its heading. As the orb came out of its turn, another orb came out of nowhere (possibly from the right of just appeared). The 2 orbs then proceeded to converge toward each other stopping at what appeared to be a side by side flight formation. They continued on heading north while climbing altitude until they slowly vanished. (The attached photo is a sketch of the incident I drew right after it happened. It has 2 time points (a & b) for reference) Side note: I am college educated and have been an avid sky watcher for many years, frequently viewing and photographing planes and helicopters. I have never seen anything like this and definitely had chills running up my spine after the incident had passed. Also - I am not sure if this is related but later that evening there were helicopters circling the area. There was nothing crime or medically related that I could find on the news the next day and have never seen that many helicopter circling and patrolling the area.
Attached Photo


MUFON Case # 22313
Event Date:     2010-03-13 17:23
City:          Houston
Region:        Texas
Country:      US
Longitude:    -95.393
Latitude:        29.7716
Shape:         Star-like,Other
Distance:     Unknown
Entity Type:     None
Description:     Saw an unmoving blinking light far up in the sky.

Myself, my sister, her husband, and their kids were cooking out. I was watching the sky as I always do (I saw a UFO when I was a kid so I always watch the skys) and I spotted a light, it was blinking on and off and seemed very high in the sky. It was cloudy but the sky was visible between clouds. I asked my sister if she could see it, at first she said no, the clouds were moving pretty fast, then she said "Yes, it's a plane." I told her that it wasn't moving, that it was the clouds moving. After a minute she realized this was true. Still she said it was probably a satelite. I asked why a satelite would be blinking, she said the sun was probably hitting it as it spun. I don't think it was a satelite, I would think satelites would move across the sky, not be stationary. The light was bright and blinked on and off. It never moved from its spot. Except for the clouds, it was a sunny day. Planes passed through the sky, some below the clouds and a few I saw passed above the clouds, I saw them through the open spaces in the clouds, they all seemed way lower than the thing I was looking at. After about ten minutes it was too cloudy to see the sky and I gave up, about thirty minutes later the sky cleared and the object was gone. This morning (3/15/10) I drove to the store and baught a pair of binoculars, I watched the sky all day, espesially from 5:00 to 6:00 pm, it was a clear day, didn't see any satelite, I will do this all week.


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