Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Discs photographed over Loudon, Tennessee on Christmas Day, 2009

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MUFON Case #   22552
Event Date:    12/25/2009 09:33
Location:    Loudon, Tennessee
Description:    Two disks over Loudon, Tn Christmas day 2009

Unidentified disks in picture. Did not know they were on picture until I downloaded into my computer. The screen on my camera was to small to see then. Nothing on prior or after pictures.
Original Photo

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Note:  Comparing distance and altitude of the objects in the photo, they should cast shadows but due to the hills dropping off in the distance, no shadows are evident. 

The objects do not appear to have been added after the photo was taken.
From what I can tell, the photo does not appear to have been altered. 

Cropped enhancement by SW



  1. There are many people over the years to see UFO's in Loudon. I have seen one in Loudon disappear into the water at the big bend on the river in front of the cave. I was 12 or so counting cattle and it was day light. By the time I got home it was dark and I was afraid. I never went back alone to count the cattle. It was the 1st and last time that I was so long in the fields counting cattle until after dark. That was 35 years ago. Then again at Tellico Lake in Vonore near Christmas and I had my less than one year old Grandbaby with me. There were several cars pulled over on 72 and one man said I am a pilot and that is not from here folks. I know a RN that works at a local Dr.'s office that says her Mother, herself and sisters saw the same thing approixmately at the same place when I was 12, they were so afraid they ran into their house and dove under thier beds because the object had given chase to their automobile. This shit is for real people! It cause me to stay awake at night and sleep through the day. It is devistating to your life and sanity!

  2. I have seen a disc and its pilots exit and walk on matlock bend

  3. Were the pilots human or alien?
    If you could write a report and email it to me...


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