Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Four Large Pulsing Lights Seen Near Strawn, Texas - March 3, 2010

This witness was near Strawn, in Palo Pinto County, Texas, when he saw large pulsing lights in the sky ahead of his truck.
Strawn is quite near the Stephenville/Dublin area, where major sightings have occurred since January, 2008.

Note: This report contains spelling corrections.  To read the original report, click on the case number.

MUFON Case #   22464
Date/Time:    03/03/2010 20:10
City:    Strawn
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Circle
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Rural Palo Pinto County UFO Sighting

I was coming out of a oilfield lease in rural Palo Pinto county.  A few miles to the east of the hohertz road area I spotted 4 large lights pulsing in the night sky ahead of my truck.  They were about 1/4 of a mile away and maybe 300 ft. above the ground.I continued to travel in the direction of the lights but they disappeared.

There were no signs of any aircraft in the area.This is was my second sighting in 7 days.Closer than my last sighting.Same horizontal pulsing lights that seem to vanish when I'm about to take a photo with my phone.

I've been working nights my whole life. There is something strange going on out there lately. This is something I have never seen before. I've seen about everything you could see in the night sky and could explain most of it.


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  1. tonight 3/31/10 around eight thirty PM we saw about 10 flashing lights. it would appear for about 1-3 seconds as a bright orange light, dissapear for about the same time, then come back. but when it reappeared, rather than there only being one there would be multiple. this is about our forth time to see these things and we only see them at night but they are always the same thing. an orange light that flashes a few times then dissapears and we dont see it again the rest of the night.


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