Friday, March 5, 2010

Air Force MP told of UFO Landing At Walker Air Force Base

A 1950s photo of Walker AFB main gate.

According to this report, a UFO landed at Walker Air Force Base in 1953.  The story was related by the witness, an Air Force "MP", to his wife and subsequently, his child. 

57 years later, the story is now brought to light.  How many others witnessed this event, yet remain silent?

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MUFON Case #  22147
Event Date:    03/01/1953
City:    Roswell
Region:    New Mexico
Location: Walker Air Force Base
Summary:    Disc Shaped Object
My father was in the Air Force Air Police stationed at Walker AFB, NM (Roswell) from 51-54. My oldest sister and I were both born at Walker. I don't know the exact date of the events but my father worked flight line security as an Air Policeman between 51-54.

My mother related to me that when they were first assigned to Walker that there had never been any mention or scuttlebutt about the "Roswell" incident from the 40s. One night he came home from work(they lived in base housing)and she said he was very frightened and white as a sheet. He said that there had been an incident on the flight line and that afterwards he had been told that everything about it was classified and if he spoke about it he would be prosecuted.

He told her that a disc shaped object had landed on the flight line and that they had surrounded a distance...and it sat there for approximately 2 hours. She said that all of security, DCM, base commander etc responded to the incident. They photographed it non-stop. There was no interaction between anyone and the craft and after about 2 hours on the ground it simply lifted off and flew off as quickly as it had arrived.

Later she said they had another incident with the same craft but this time there was some limited interaction between the it and one of the APs vehicles. She said that this time as my Dad told her it did not set down but hovered over the base for a period of time and for a little while seemed to follow one of the APs vehicles.

My Dad left the AF after 54 and never talked about this to anyone that I'm aware of....he passed away about 15 years ago. I overheard my Mom talking to someone about this when I was younger but never discussed it with her until later in life. A little over a year ago my Mom passed away after battling cancer. Prior to her death we setup a video camera to record my mom as she talked about different things....on one of these days I asked her about the Walker incident and she retold the account again basically as I had overheard it years ago.

As there were a lot of people that supposedly were aware of these incidents I've always been surprised that no one has ever come forward about it.

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Walker Air Force Base Walker Air Force Base was located South of Roswell, New Mexico and started life as Roswell Army Air Field in 1941.   During World War Two.  The base was home to Military Flying Training Center and Bombardier School, with several auxiliary fields in the outlying area.   The area was spotted with training bases, including Hobbs and Carlsbad.  Roswell AAF became Walker AFB on January 13, 1948 and was deactivated on June 30, 1967.  After closure Walker was taken over by the city of Roswell and became the Roswell Industrial Air Center.
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