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Recent Reports Of Alien Encounters

Two people recently reported to MUFON, of having encounters with unknown entities, or of having experienced strange events.  These are their reports.

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MUFON Case #  22150
Event Date:    1989-12-25 05:45 GMT
Location:    South Bend, Indiana
Summary:  I was abducted for 7 days in a row

1 week before Christmas, 1989 I awoke at 5:45 A.M. There was a light flashing through my window blinds. I was in a paralyzed state. While in this paralysis, I was forced to watch my life replay on my blinds. This lasted until 7:00 A.M. The same experience at exactly 5:45 until 7:00 happened for 5 days straight. On each day I watched different times in my life unfold.

On the 6th day it was different. I awoke at 5:45 but this time it felt as thought someone or something was being dropped into my body. This time, information was given to me that I believe was meant to make a difference for mankind. Information was given to me regarding present day communication technology and how to use it to peacefully change our existing governmental system into a 21st Century system that allows the "people," not the politicians, to raise, debate and vote directly on the issues. I was released from this at exactly 7:00 A. M. On the 7th morning, it was a refresher course of the 6th morning.

This experience has totally changed my life. Because of the information that was given to me, I have gone on to win the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award here in our community and have hosted a radio program here called "Stand Up America."

I would appreciate the opportunity to present this experience and the message that came from it to someone on your staff for their consideration.

I believe the message that was given to me during this ordeal is exactly what our country needs to fix the broken system that we are all experiencing.

Thank you for your kind consideration..Sincerely, [cms/tg/pd]
P. S. Everything thing in this experience that I just described can be proved and verified..

*        *        *

MUFON Case # 22151
Event Date:    07/10/1993 16:15
Location:    Rockford, Illinois
Summary:    I was indoors in a basement room alone, and I was sitting on a bed, when I was paralyzed and manipulated.

Like I said, I was alone in a basement room, sitting on my bed, when I felt a weakness come over me and I fell prostrate was turned onto my belly by unseen forces. I had an overwhelming feeling of warmth and friendliness, as though my best friend in the whole world was with me. Its hard to explain, like the feeling was imposed on me without my knowledge or control over it.

My head was turned to the side, so that my face was directed towards a wall. I noticed something moving in my field of vision. I was unable to move, except to slightly turn my head as though it were very heavy and hard to move. So I moved my head to see what was moving in the corner of the room. Because of the influence of the drugged feeling, I had no fear at that time and felt a feeling of welcoming a good friend, again as though it was a feeling imposed on me, not seeming to originate from my own mind. Hard to explain.

Then I saw the crease of the corner between the two walls open, like the walls became soft and kind of bent to allow the corner crease between the walls to spread open and stretch open, like an orifice or opening. It was a cinder block wall. It became fluid or soft and moved apart, and beyond was blackness.

Then I seen the figure of a humanoid being, inside of the blackness, it slowly floated or was riding on some kind of support from behind, not sure. It was similar to the classic image of how alien beings are portrayed by the media, except that where the nose and mouth should be, there was perhaps a nose and mouth, but were not very recognizable and had folds and wrinkles that made it hard to make out the features plainly. It had great large slanted but not squinted solid black eyes, a large bald head and was wearing some kind of dark colored cloak or clothing.

I could not see its legs or feet, as though it was floating or riding on some sort of linkage, or support of some kind. It also had long spidery thin fingers, and on its fingers were shiny metal complicated looking devices and some of them had needles on the end. It came out of the black opening in the corner slowly and proceeded to advance towards me until it was over me and I was no longer able to see it as my head was laying down and seemed too heavy to lift.

At this point I was starting to wonder why I was so glad to see this being, and suddenly realized that I should not feel this way. Then a wave of fear came over me and I was unable to move or fight or flee or even to look and see what was going on.

The next thing I felt was a needle, which I assumed was one of the instruments the being had attached to its fingertips. I felt the prick of the needle at different points along the side of my spine. Each time it entered my back I felt what I thought was an electrical stimulation in my back along the spine, and whatever corresponding limb was near each puncture site, that limb, arm or leg would spasm and move when the electrical impulse would fire into my spine, as though the nerves going from my spine to my limbs were being stimulated electrically.

At this point I was unable to move my head at all, and did not see the being leave, but eventually, I was able to move, and I got up and went to the corner and the wall was same as ever, intact, hard, seemingly undisturbed. I had no idea what this being was, or its intention.

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Note:  Reports here, contain spelling/grammar corrections.  To see original reports, please click on case numbers.


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  1. Ok, we can just call me RavenusRobert for now. I was in my grandmothers house in texas around a week ago in an upstairs room. I was laying down and had just touched the bed and was relaxing my body into a comfortable and familiar position that I like to sleep in. The instant I began to relax my muscles, my room was lit up like the sun but with a red light. I looked toward the brighter part of the light and saw a head and shoulders pertruding up from the floor below into the doorway to my bathroom. The entity took up the entire doorway but only the head and shoulders were visible to me. The body, like I said was through the floor into the room below. The entity asked me every question ever in less than two seconds. I had no reply and I was not paralyzed or immoble but I was overwhelmed mentally and fear stricken. The entity did not move and had no face or defining features of any kind of being in any story or video or photo ever. I have never heard a story of a red light so bright or a being of this type. The light subsided after a total time of around three seconds from what I can tell and I made a phone call to someone who did not answer since it was around 3 am and I managed to email the same person with from what I remember around three hundred charicters and total time from start to finish of these actions is unknown to me but when I returned to my bed(reluctantly) I felt a trembling begin in my eyes and face muscles followed by shoulder and lower back spasims then eventually through my whole body folding me and shaking me and tormentedly contorting me in ways I did not think a human could move. I had this intense "ceasure" for lack of a better expression for minutes from what I can tell then they subsided and slowly I regained controll over myself. My mothers dog (was sleeping down the hall from my room) burst through my door in the moment I regained controll and put his head on my hand beside my bed and nudged my shaky hand onto the top of his head. I was petting the dog and decided that I had what I kept calling an epileptic episode. After talking to my family about this many times it kinda blew over and nobody thinks a thing of it. Just before I wrote this I was trying to call my girlfriend on skype and took a shower and I was what I am going to call mentally intruded (like the infinite questions from the red being or entity) but instead of asked things I was told things. I think I was given special info of some kind but not in words, I can only relate the incident to seing the red entity because of the same yet opposite happening in my mind. I was told infinite things in a short period of time. . Maybe I am crazy. Maybe just maybe I exchanged information with a higher being and was granted information because "he" and I use that term loosely felt bad for my inferior intellect or ability to comprehend or for whatever the hell reason some superbeing would talk to me directly.

    What is an alien? Do they all ride space ships? Can they travel through time? Use esp? Build cool craft and tease our goverment(if so that's totally what I would do because screw them) and armys and airforce?


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