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Unknown Object Over Clermont, GA Observered By Two Witnesses- 9/14/2011

Depiction by SW/LITS.


Witnesses in Clermont, Georgia watch the lights of a silent, indistinguishable object as it draws near, passes overhead and gradually disappears from sight.

Originally submitted to MUFON, this report is posted here, "as is", with no corrections.


MUFON Case # 31844
Date:    2011-09-14
Time:   22:00
Status:    Submitted
City:    Clermont
State:    Georgia
Shape:    Other,Unknown
Distance: Unknown
Summary:  Slow moving completely silent craft, with undistinguishable size and shape. Varying light patterns and colors, inconsistent with modern aircraft regulation, passing almost directly overhead.

It was an unusually clear night without a cloud in the sky around. Even the smells from the pastures and farms around my home were more pungent than I had ever noticed before. While taking my dog outside at around 10PM EST, I heard unusual buzzing/humming noises behind the distant tree line to the North, though having an indiscernible point of reference. The sound was unlike anything I would knowingly recognize (e.g. commercial/private plane, ultralight plane, motorcycle, ATV, etc.) The noise faded and, while I still stared in the general direction, a light source began to emerge as if rising up from behind the tree line, seeming to be an aircraft gaining altitude and moving closer.

As the light source rose in elevation, it then moved distinctly upward and left from my viewpoint. At first I viewed it as a plane turning and climbing in altitude, yet it rose as rapidly as any aircraft I am aware of could have. It then seemed to fall back (or circle) into the same path line that I had seen it initially rise. The exact way it moved is difficult to describe; almost as if redirecting from its initially intended change in course of moving upward and left from my perspective,(with the initial course as rising above the tree line toward my general direction) to heading back in the general direction of the point I was viewing from. Yet it made this course change with no marked path of redirection, as would be seen viewing any conventional aircraft; by which I mean no banked turn motion or circular turn path.

The light source was moving at such a slow pace I felt I had enough time to run inside and get my father to come out to view it, which I did. Running back outside after yelling to my father I found the craft continuing on the same path in my general direction. My father came to my side and I simply told him to look in the direction from which the light source was approaching. He acknowledged the craft, but began to watch silently, almost with confusion. This was the same reaction I was experiencing.

As it moved closer it became clear there were multiple lights, some pulsating inconsistently as well as emitting different colors. The colors ranged from yellow to orange to red and even blue, though the changes were almost instantaneous or unperceivable. The lights would pulse/blink in varying patterns as well, sometimes seemingly similar to the way roadwork arrow sign lights move when indicating direction. To both of us there was no distinguishable shape to whatever craft was emitting the lights, and to me it seemed to have an aura or rather a dark 'shadow' surrounding. While my father and I intermittently muttered back and forth about what we were seeing, I noted that there were no true 'strobe' lights coming from the source as there are on any regulated aircraft. He agreed but stated, "What gets me is that it isn't making any noise, no noise at all."

I hadn't even thought about that at first, possibly due to being sensory overloaded visually, but he was right. The craft, which at this point seemed almost directly overhead (some 75-85 degrees above the horizon) made no sound. No sound even after passing our position as a modern jet would have. At this point I did notice the sounds around our position. Every dog, or at least it seemed every dog within my hearing distance, was going absolutely berserk, barking. I had completely forgotten about my own dog and realized that she was, as best I can describe, 'nervously pacing' back and forth in our driveway while whimpering.

After it’s passing of our position my father and I watched as the lights and patterns became less visible in the night sky until we lost sight completely due to the hilly terrain. The entire experience probably only lasted around five minutes, but it affected me in a way I cannot explain. In recollection, it seemed so low and so slow moving. Yet nothing about the craft's altitude, shape, or speed was definitive. I wish I knew what we saw. The only absolute thing I can say is that I do not know what it was. I'm not saying I saw aliens in a distinctly shaped craft with definable attributes, but I, along with my father, most certainly viewed an unidentifiable flying object. I will most likely never again look at anything in the night sky without skepticism.


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