Monday, September 5, 2011

Lights in Triangle Formation Circle Katy, Texas- Video

Image capture from witness's video.

A Katy, Texas resident reports a set of lights circled around the town, before moving away at high speed.

Here is that unedited report and video that was submitted to MUFON.


MUFON Case #  31525
Date:    2011-09-03
Time:    21:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Katy
State:    Texas
Shape:    Star-like,Other
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    Set of lights, that circled Katy, Tx counter clockwise twice then took off north

I literally had just got done telling my brother "look out for UFO's, there's a tropical storm in the area" half joking because of my hurricane sighting, when he received a call from his wife at work notifying us of an object in the sky. We quickly located it and by that time it had already been hovering, according to my sister in law, for 20 minutes. We sat and watched as it seemed that there was a white bluish light that was flickering and pulsating a red light with no apparent rhythm or pattern. It was stationary for about 10-15 minutes, and about at that point my brother left to go put his children to bed. Maybe 5 minutes after he left it began to move west from it's location extremely slow. It traveled until it seemed to be reaching the area of SH 99(I was right off of Mason Rd.) then turned south and basically was heading right towards me, in a southerly direction. All the while changing it's center light from a bluish green to red. When it arrived almost right atop where I was standing I could make out a bluish green light in the middle that stayed constant while red lights around it blinked rapidly with no rhythm at all. By this point I don't know if it was other aircraft in the area but there was a sound roughly like a small cessna (but a bit more choppy) with intermittent jet engine noises, it was quite strange. I could make out the lights to be roughly 2-3 red lights on one side blinking rapidly with a giant red one on the opposite side blinking just as rapidly. As soon as it was about 80 degrees in relation to me in the sky it turned suddenly and started heading back east and then back north/northeast. It traveled north until it was in the same spot, roughly where we had first located it and hovered again for about 5 more minutes. It then began to move again... did almost the same exact circle, but didn't come quite as far south, but was changing it's 'main' light from bluish green to red. It then by the time it was reaching it's 'hovering spot' for the second time began to move very quickly off north, I mean FAST, probably 3-4 times faster than it was traveling in the first place, and then disappeared behind the tree line. The whole ordeal lasted (in my account) for a little over an hour, it started right before 9:00 p.m. and ended right after 10 o'clock. I'm including a video that my brother took when it was on it's second 'loop' around Katy. It's on the far right side right above a street light in the video. You can see in the video how it was lighting the clouds up around it as it moved. He captured it, on it's way back east and right as it was about to turn north.



  1. I saw non-typical lights in the sky last night, which I could not explain. (Feb 21, 2012) I was outside my apt. in Dublin, Tx. when I happened to notice twinkling lights, at first glance I thought it at best a helicopters, too low to be planes. Then I saw a light, just appear, bright like a street lamp, not a spot light, then it "went" out, I thought 'wow that was wierd' then it "turned" on again and 4-5 more "turned" on all in a row. Evenly spaced apart. And as I recall, each light had a dark spot in them...? Then they "went" out. I was talking to my friend at the time and I kept saying, "Ithink I see a UFO" and said get a camera! so after I saw the "string" of lights, I went in a get my camera; when I came back outside I only saw faint twinklings, but it was still strange to me. I was able to catch either smaller lights or farther away lights, that lit up one at a time in a triangle formation; I called a different friend who had been in the area quite a bit longer than me, and he said it was more than likely militry flairs, military manuvers. I used to be 11c (mortar man) USArmy so Ive fired many allumination rounds in many different designs, but the thing is allum rounds, burn, like a small blaze, and the don't have the ability to turn off and on and appear like a solid light...? If your interested in the clip of the trinangle, post something so get ahold of me, thanx


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