Friday, September 2, 2011

Metallic Object Photographed By Ex NASA Engineer

Photo by witness.

Report is submitted "as is".

MUFON Case#   31441
Date:    2011-08-23
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Disc
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:    I saw a silver matlic object hovering at a very high altitude.

I was walking my dog in my backyard I looked up and saw this object. I stood still and watched the object, wishing I

had my camera. I knew the object was something out of the ordinary. I then ran in and got my camera. When I returned

the object had not moved. I took one picture. I ran back inside to make sure I had a picture of the object. Yes, I had

a good picture. Then I ran back outside take more pictures and object was gone.

When I saw the object I was facing south southeast and the sun was behind my right shoulder.

What do you think the object I saw may have been?

Personal Information:
I have a Commercial Pilot Certificate and I have worked in engineering, some of the projects were for NASA.

See other witness photo.


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