Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Possible Photo of UFO - Great Britain, 9/20/2011

Cropped image.

This UFO sighting report and photo comes from Great Britain but the exact location is not noted.
Is it real, or hoaxed?   You decide.

Report is "as is" with no corrections.


MUFON Case #  31951
Date:    2011-09-20
Time:    11:02
Country:    GB
Shape:    Blimp,Oval
Duration: 00:00:34
Summary:  Vanishing Object, Eletric


I was out walking my dog
I Heard a buzzing sound and looked to see what it was
I thought it was a cloud
It sort of hovered then glided forward it was there one secnd then it blended with the clouds then it came back and looked reflective, the longest it was clearlt visible was about 10 secs which is the time i got the photo.
it gave me gosebumbs and mad the hair go static.
it blended and never reapered.

Original Photo


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