Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fireball Over Arizona? 9/14/2011

What was it? ‘Glowing object’ lights up sky over Arizona, Southwest PHOENIX - Experts believe a bright ‘glowing object’ spotted over the Arizona sky Wednesday night was either a fireball or a bright meteor.
ABC15 started getting reports of the sighting around 7:45 p.m.
Many residents around the state said they saw a "glowing object" fly across the night sky . A Valley student posted video capturing a light in the sky.
Residents in Las Vegas and Southern California also reported seeing the light.
A NASA scientist told the object was most likely a fragment of an asteroid.
Some said it was a blue-green color while others claimed it was orange and yellow. Experts said in the article that a meteor is slower than a shooting star and it's possible for it to appear to change colors.
A NASA official reports that while they can’t say 100-percent, it is most likely a fireball or a very bright meteor the size of a baseball or basketball. Read the complete article.
Law enforcement in the Valley also saw the object.
"We received four calls (total) regarding the light in the sky," a Phoenix Police spokesman told ABC15. "Our air unit, myself, and other officers also observed it as well. We all made our wishes and went back to work."
A spokesman with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said their aviation unit did confirm seeing the meteor over Deer Valley Airport, but there haven't been any reports of an impact site.
Many ABC15 viewers saw the "glowing object" and shared their ideas on ABC15's Facebook page:
Ben Faiss: Metorite.
Bradlee T Russell: a UFO
Rhonda Ulloa: I saw that in western AZ. It was a bright yellow ball with a wavering orange tail...moving north to south, then fading fast to nothing. If it was a meteor, it went down east of Quartzsite, west of Salome, and near I-10.
about an hour ago

Angie Carson: it looked like a small plane, on fire. I was driving when my colleague and I saw it. There is an airport not far from the I 10 and miller where we were. We called 911 to report...
Hershall Keeto: It was Kate Gosselin and Octomom beaming back to their home planet in the Orion's Belt constellation.
Peter Frankel: A foul ball from space. What, aliens don't play baseball?
David Jessup: Definitely a fireball. would love to find a couple pieces of it!!
Angela Martinez: It was beautiful, the colors on the tail end were amazing! I saw it while I was driving yesterday.

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Editor's Note:  During my investigation in Northeast Texas, on Saturday (September 10, 2011), I saw an object exactly like that one, as it flew overhead, SW to NE.


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