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LITS N.E.Texas UFO Investigation- September 10, 2011

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LITS Case # 5-9102011-5September 10, 2011
Location: Gunter, Dorchester, Sherman, Texas area

Preliminary Report:

I met with the main witness and his wife at their home and conducted an interview with the couple.  They both seem well educated and were very cordial.

Before setting up the equipment for the evening's "stakeout", the witness showed me hotspot areas around and near his home, locations where unknown objects and lights have been witnessed.

Throughout the investigation, there seemed to be ebbs and flows of electrical and magnetic fields, in and around that location.  Also noted, my compass and the one owned by the witness would not settle on Magnetic North, the needles swinging back and forth,  from Northwest to Northeast and back.

Weather Conditions (at beginning of evening observations):

Temperature: 82°;   Dew Point: 43°;   Humidity: 25%;
Barometric Pressure: 29.97 inches;    
Visibility: 10mi;   Ceiling: Unlimited
Winds: 0mph;   Gusts: None;    
Sky: Few Scattered Clouds, cloud banks to our North, Northeast and East.
Moon- Waxing Gibbous, bright.


7:50 p.m.- I already had a video camera set on a tripod and had focused it it.  Suddenly the video lost focus.  The witness and I could see in the distance towards Sherman, Texas, a white light that appeared in the sky, moving very quickly to the East/Southeast, approx. 10 degrees above the horizon.  Without stopping, this light reversed it's course, headed back the way it came and dispappeared.  We saw this 3 times in less than 90 seconds.

7:55 p.m.- The largest meteor I have ever seen, came slowly from the Southeast, headed Northwest over our heads, then just disappeared in front of us.  The meteor must have had a high copper content, as it was white and brilliant green in color.  It was spectacular!  Observation time, 3 seconds.

8:20 p.m.- An orange light appeared to our Northeast, approx. 20 degrees above the horizon.  It was coming towards us, then veered South.  No navigational lights, or beacons were detected.  There was no sound as this object passed overhead, slightly to our East.  As it moved away from us, the light never varied, remaining an intense orange. Observation time, 3 minutes.

9:30 p.m.- Suddenly an orange light appeared to our North/Northwest, approximately 5 degrees above the horizon.  We were both using binoculars and could see this object changing it's appearance.  I asked the witness what he was seeing and he confirmed through statement, that the object appeared first as an orb, then as an elliptical shape, then as a cigar and finally a saturn-like appearance.  All the while this object was getting brighter and larger.  I attempted to take video and photos but neither camera would focus on this object.  The cameras would focus on everything else but not this object, which was at least from our vantage point, 4 times the size of Venus at it's brightest. [1]

9:35 p.m.- As suddenly as it appeared, the bright orange light to our North/Northwest disappeared, like turning off a light switch.  In less than 30 seconds a cold wind blasted us both.  Both the witness and I felt something akin to an electrical charge, a static electricity on our faces, arms, our whole bodies.  I looked up but could see nothing but clear sky and stars, though it felt like something had just flown over us, in close proximity.  The video camera had shut itself off.  [2]  Observation time, 5 minutes.

9:45 p.m.- Two brilliant white lights are seen (by me), in front of the treeline, treetop level and to our north, directly below where the second orange light had been observed.  These lights flash on, then off, once. Observation time, 2 seconds.

10:05 p.m.- A bright white light appeared in the East (65° AGL), headed Northwest.  No navigation lights, no beacon, no sound.  white light remained constant as it came and went.  No variance.  Observation time, 1 minute.

10:45 p.m.- Observed airliner flying West to Southeast (70° AGL).  While watching the airliner through binoculars, both the witness and I observed a pinpoint of light flash quickly below the aircraft (East to West) and disappear.  The aircraft continued on it's route. [3]

[1] I am assuming that the light seen Between 9:30 and 9:35 p.m. was located over, or near the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge.  Please refer to map.

[2] The video camera was left on, no one touched it but me.  I left in on, in hopes it would capture the object but it did not.

[3] Though the location is in the approach and departing air traffic control space of DFW airport (North), there was surprisingly little air traffic.

Special Note:  There is more information that I cannot reveal at this time, concerning this case.  This is an ongoing investigation.  I plan to return to this location soon.  After examination, I will post photos within the next few days.

In addition-

I received an email from another witness who wrote:

I was driving through Sherman, Texas on Thursday, Sept 8th 2011 and spotted two large bright lights far to the south and slightly west. At first glance they appeared to be stars, or Jupiter, or some solar body.  However, they were too large and too bright to be either.  The two lights slowly moved apart from each other over a period of about 5 minutes.  Then the larger of the two completely vanished.  About two minutes later, the slightly dimmer object vanished.  These were not aircraft, and I'm not saying they were ET ships.  Just a sighting I cannot explain.  There was another witness in the vehicle with me to confirm what I had seen.  Any similar reports on this incident? I'm curious, and just looking for an answer as to what I saw.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

[Note:  If you were in the Sherman, Texas area, or points Southeast of there and observed objects, and/or lights in the sky, please contact me.  Thanks! - SW

 Beyond the Edge Radio, Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. E.T.


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