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Triangle Seen Cloaking Near Milton, Louisiana - September 10, 2011

Depiction by witness.


Here is another report of a triangle-shaped craft, this time near Milton, Louisiana.  The object is seen to "cloak", then reappear.  The witness also states that the craft had what appeared to be a cockpit. 

Again, could this be top secret technology, built and flown by our own?

This report is "as is", with no corrections. -SW


MUFON Case # 31743
Date:    2011-09-10
Time:   19:20
Status:    Assigned
City:    Milton
State:    Louisiana
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: 500 feet or less
Summary: Saw a triangular object hovering over field. It spun around on its axis, stopped, disappeared, then instantly reappeared a short distance away.

I was driving in my car west on La HWY 82, just south/SSE of Milton, LA. It was about 7:20 PM local time and still light out since the sun had just set. The skies were clear. A nearly full moon was rising behind me in the east.

After coming around a curve and away from houses and trees, I saw a triangular object hovering over a sugarcane field through the front windshield. It looked less than 500 ft away and less than 10 degrees in height, so I got a good look at it. It was definitely not a normal aircraft and all I could think of is its a UFO.

The object was pewter colored or like the color of a silver dime but darker. It was not very thick and there was a raised, triangle shaped area in the center on top like a cockpit. It was mostly edge-on to me and I could only see one light at first on what looked like the front of the object. It was only a second or two after first seeing it that the light brightened and the object suddenly spun around 180 degrees in place and stopped. I saw 2 more lights for a total of three as it spun. They were white and there was one at each tip of the triangular object and each were getting brighter. It was like it was powering up and about ready to do something. The next thing I knew the object disappeared, then it instantly reappeared a short distance away to my right and was hovering again.

I tried reaching for my cell phone camera at that point and looked down to get it for just a moment. When I looked up, the object was gone and I never saw it again.

A photoshopped image/drawing of the area is attached simulating the sky and object as it looked before I lost sight of it.

Link to original photo


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