Friday, September 9, 2011

LITS Investigations- Northeast Texas

Not long ago, if you had ask the witnesses in a small town in Northeast Texas, they would have told you that they didn't believe in alien craft, or extraterrestrials.  Like so many others, they would have rolled their eyes and snickered behind their hands.  But in the last few months their skepticism has been tossed aside and fear has become an unwelcome guest in their lives.

This weekend I will be on site, investigating this possible "hot spot" for UFOs., searching for the truth behind the numerous sightings in that area. 
I apologize in advance, for not posting any reports this Saturday (September 10, 2011).   I and another researcher/investigator will be busy interviewing witnesses, searching for trace evidence.  We will also be taking photos, video, audio, thermal and night visions images and scanning the Northeast Texas skies, for the unidentified flying objects that have caused serious concerns for the witnesses.

As soon as I have more to report, I will do so, so please stay tuned.

Sunny Williams - LITS


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