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New Port Richey, Florida Couple Observe Disc - 9/13/2011



A New Port Richey couple watch as a disc with red lights glides overhead.
At the time of this posting, this case had not yet been assigned.

Note: New Port Richey is located on the West coast of Florida, Northwest of Tampa, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. 

There have been a large number of UFO sightings over the Gulf.

This report is "as is", with no corrections. -SW


MUFON Case # 31805
Date:    2011-09-13
Time:   23:40
City:    New Port Richey
State:    Florida
Shape:    Circle,Disc
Distance: 500 feet or less
Summary:  Disc shape red lights around edge

Around 11:30 last night I went on my porch for a cigarette. I noticed it being a little foggy outside and one star glowing really bright. I went outside to look at it and the second I went outside, I saw what appeared to be two red orbs floating up above my fence line. They were going up in a wave like pattern. At first, the only logical possibility I thought was maybe a weather balloon with flares or something, but these things were moving thousands of feet in seconds, and gracefully. I ran inside and woke up my wife. When we went back outside the orbs were brighter and were still going up, but in more of a straight line. One was a little bit behind the other and started fading. By the time the one faded away the other one started fading. When I could barely see it, it started changing direction and got bigger. I realized that it was getting bigger because it lowered and it came down to where it was about the size of a dime. It changed direction and glided right above us. When it got to it's closest point you could clearly see a disk shape with about fifteen or twenty red lights lining the edge of it, glowing the bottom a little bit. It looked like gravity had absolutely no affect on it. It was completely silent. If it was a plane or helicopter we would have easily heard it, and I have never seen a plane or helicopter shaped like that before. We watched it as it got brighter and moved faster. It went over US 19, and after it got to the point to where my roof was blocking our view we ran out front. When we got there it disappeared. I'd like to note that every time it changed direction, moved faster, or raise it got brighter. Almost like the brightness was linked to it's energy use.



  1. Me and my hubby saw the same thing! I was asleep on the couch he was out in the back having a cigarette and he came running in told me to go outside there was a ufo they were moving back and forth really wavy like. I immediately woke up not knowing what the heck he was talking about. I saw with him 2 red/orange bright lights facing slight NE and then they both went toward the moon and the moon was on the slight SE and then both seemed to disappear then one came back into view sorta of on top of us and got lower I could see a disc-oval shaped greyish craft and red/orange lights. I kept going it really looks oval OMG!!! And it was quiet and really high up by the moon and came across us quickly and went over toward the gulf before we lost sight of it from the backyard and went out to the front yard and nothing there. Swept up in the moment we had put on our Ghost Raider (which is a cell phone app that "talks to you" from energies or frequencies or something like that but pretty interesting app seems to be quite random so doesn't seem too false.) And it kept saying some interesting things to what we were asking about it. It said: Scientific,Colony,Brass,Proper,Report,Present,Both,Airplane,Seen,Sale,hardly,Worth,Gentle,Saturday,Thirty,Gas,Ever,Cloud,Eventually,Equally,Citizen,Gate. For example We asked if it would come back and it said Saturday, Thirty... I believe it was about 11:30ish when we saw it too. So for curiosity sake we are just going to keep an eye on the sky on Saturday. Even though this Ghost Raider thing may not be accurate or what not but I know we saw something that was definitely not an airplane. That image up top as we are in New Port Richey looks exactly what we saw though it was closer to us to see the oval-round shape when it was further past the moon on the SW direction before it went out of view and continued toward the gulf...I had seen one before but was more of a triangle lights from above this one though it was further away and really foggy looked different from the other ufo I saw a few years back driving through Lutz. Very cool thanks for posting this image now we know we aren't completely nuts. lol. Here's a link that my hubby posted on another website.

  2. Ignore the link in previous comment, it's the exact same thing...This is my hubby's posting from another website. He told me to Link it before he read this websites posting. But whatever this image is as shown above was not taken by us but either a very similar sighting or a well done photoshop/artist re-creation. Because that's exactly what we saw.


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