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Recent Texas Sightings Reports: Pflugerville, Houston, Santa Fe, Kingsville

Here are four recent Texas UFO sightings, that were submitted to MUFON.


Pflugerville, Texas - Sphere with wings

(This report is unedited)

MUFON Case # 32208
Date:    2011-09-29
Time:    08:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Pflugerville
State:    Texas
Shape:    Sphere,Other
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    solid white sphere with what appeared to be 2 wings diagonally protruding from beneath travaling extreamly fast and descending rather like a missile watched it for about 30 to 50 seconds before losing sight of it.It was to fast to be a plane.

Was driving my son to school at 8am on sept.29th 2011 travaling south on frontage I 130 between Gattis School Rd and Kelly lane .My son told me he could see something in the sky travaling way to fast to be a plane.We see planes all the time around here.I looked out the window towards the west and saw something in the sky zooming by as fast as a missile and leaving a vapor trail behind it. I did not see the object but my son (who is 12)said it was a solid white sphere with what appeared to be 2 wings protruding diagonaly from beneath it .He watched it descending untill it disapeared from his view at the underpath to I45. He woundered if it was part of the satalite that fell to earth on sat.sept.24th but did not hear anything on the local news.Has anyone else reported seeing anything?


Houston, Texas- Boomerang

(This report is unedited)

MUFON Case # 32213
Date:    2011-09-30
Time:    12:47
Status:    Assigned
City:    Houston
State:    Texas
Shape:    Boomerang
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    Boomerang shape that tumbled through the sky

About a half hour after noon, my coworkers and I obeserved an unknown object in the great Clear Lake area of Houston, TX. close to the NASA complex. Observed a white boomerang like object tumble through the sky in a horizontal line, descending slightly as it moved across the sky. It seemed to get smaller as we observed it. We looked away, for no more than five to ten seconds, looked back and it was gone. It was moving east to west at approx. 45 degrees above the horizon.


Santa Fe, Texas - Oval Lights

(This report is unedited)

MUFON Case # 32215
Date:    2011-07-02
Time:    22:15
City:    Santa Fe
State:    Texas
Shape:    Oval
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    Red/orange lightys , three groups of four passed directly overhead. Very bright , pretty lights, no sound, no flashing or rotating, directly overhead in clear stary sky, mover off to the north east.

Just after the 10:00 oclock news came on the TV, July 2,2011, I went outside and from my front porch I looked up and saw four very pretty red lights in the sky. I went in and got my wife and had her come out and look. We went out the back door because the lights were moving in that direction. They were directly overhead in a clear stary sky. We watched as they moved off to the northeast. We looked back and four more were comming. No sound, no flashing or rotating like an aircraft beacon. These four moved off following the first four. Then four more came and followed the others. They were directly overhead, I would guess at about 500 to 800 feet. We watched them fly away toward the northeast very slowly wntil they all disappeared out of sight, probably 15 to 20 miles away. They were getting higher in the sky as they flew away.
Later I went to the gas station to get a news paper and I ask the clerk if he saw the lights, he said yes, we all saw them and wondered what they were. And thats my question too. what were they. I was a pilot and flight instructor when I was younger, I am now 73 years old and I have seen a lot, but I have no explaination for what I saw. just red lights flying by themselves, twelve lights following each other, not in a stright line, not all at exactly the same altitude, but maintaining the same position as a group slowly, silently moving away.
If you have an answer I would sure like to know it.


Kingsville (King Ranch), Texas - Sphere

(This report is unedited)

MUFON Case # 32226
Date:    2011-08-29
Time:    18:45
Status:    Assigned
City:    Kingville ''king Ranch Ar
State:    Texas
Shape:    Sphere
Duration:    00:04:30
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:  atleast 15ft.Sphere all white. hovered. then took off Against the wind

I was driving with friends down to portmansfield my father is a famous fisherman who we were visiting we were about an hour an a half away where its all brush country ''King Ranch Area''
When i first say it i didn't think that much i thought is some type of communication we drove closure i could literally see there was nothing! nothing holding it literally was a Pure white sphere except the bottom seems to be more tucked in i guess or more skinner...what first amazed me was the fact of this thing looked like it was just ''stuck'' in the sky. i was not afraid of that...what made all my hair stand up was the fact that this sphere that turned side ways slowly and i swear on everything holy it took off so fast! it left a kinda clear trial when it ''went'' where is went. Now I am a 25yr old former Marine. and the man that was with me is a high caliber man that works for the government with his two sons...his two sons were saying look over and over again to there dad...i know he saw it but he is a huge Cristian and by the look on his eyes i think he was trying to block it out.
I tried to rationalize the thing but i couldn't a buddy who used to work on predator drones i went to military school with before the military assured me '' we got nothing like that and no human could survive going that fast faster then a blink of an eye.
before i called him i tried think maybe it was a balloon....but the thing stayed perfectly still...the wind was blowing south east at the time and it took off against the balloon can do this.....Can someone please help me try and identify this PLEASE!? its OK to text me before you call my name is [name removed by SW/LITS] but call me [number removed by SW/LITS]   [number removed by SW/LITS]    .....i study and research UFO's my whole life and i used to believe but seeing this i know for a fact...once you see something like this there is no rationalizing
Again my name is [name removed by SW/LITS] and text before you call   [number removed by SW/LITS]


If you have seen an Unidentified Flying Object, please report it.

[ Please note that these were reports submitted by different witnesses, from different parts of the state.  They are posted here "as is", with NO corrections.  That means they are unedited. ]

It was pointed out to me in a comment on this post: "I think i would believe you more if you checked your spelling a little bit my man

I suppose grammar and punctuation are less critical?  I could be wrong; it's just an observation.  ;-)

- Sunny (Ms.)



  1. I think i would believe you more if you checked your spelling a little bit my man

  2. 04-25-2012 I seen a small green light fall from the sky. I was sitting on my back porch an was talking with my husband. I was looking at the sky and it was a beautiful night. Then I seen a small light color green light just falling from the sky. I paused for a min. Then I told my husband about the light. I was facing the green light and he was facing me. I don't know what it was but it kinda looked like a flare but it was green. I never saw it again after that. It was a pretty green. My husband didnt believe me at first. Then I told him lets go drive down the road and see of we see anything. Nothing. Then my husband started to make fun of me and told me I was imagineing it. I know what I saw and it was nothing I have ever seen before. I live in algoa Texas which is about 3 miles long. I'm inbetween Santa fe Texas and Alvin Texas. If anybody else has seen this please let me know.


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