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Amber Lights Form Triangle Near Cypress, Texas

Photo submitted by witness.


Map submitted by witness.


A witness in Cypress, Texas reports that on August 21, 2011, he observed what appeared to be a triangle of amber colored lights.  Later, he and another witness saw 2 white lights and what appeared to be military helicopters.

This report is posted here "as is", with no corrections.  To see original report, please click on the case number.


MUFON Case # 31763
Date:    2011-08-21
Time:    22:15
Status:    Not yet assigned
Location:    Cypress, Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    Unknown
Description:    3 circular amber lights in an evenly spaced triangular pattern

August 21, 2011 - I was driving West along Baur Rd, headed toward US 290. As i was diving, looking south, over the horizon of Cypress, TX directly South of me, I saw some lights that appeared to be headed NE kinda along 290 but with a more westerly trajectory. I thought it was a low flying plane coming from Bush International Airport as it originated in that general direction.

As i got closer to 290 it looked like it had stopped though. I hit 290 and turned left back south along the 290 feeder. At this point the lights were about 100 yards west of the freeway and were no longer moving. It was a triangular pattern of 3 red-ish steady lights. At 1st i thought it was just some sort of a tower that only appeared to be moving because i was driving along a winding road. However, as I got closer there was absolutely no tower to be found and the lights were still just hovering there, at a pretty low altitude, under 1000feet. Ide say a couple football fields up.

I kept driving slowly past it, but once I was under it, my car roof obstructed my view and it remained out of sight. I kept driving south about a minute before I came to the light at Mason Rd and was able to look back once more, but at that distance, through my tinted rear window, i could no longer see it. I thought it was all strange, but nothing crazy.

Then about a half hour later, a friend and I were sitting in an open area behind our neighborhood when I thought i saw something again. This time it was two lights, not the same as the triangle, just one white light each, obviously independent of each other, but working in tandem. They were off to the northwest up 290 from our location (Tuckerton Rd between Queenston Boulevard and Barker-Cypress, 77095). The lights were in about the same area i saw the triangle.

We watched them for a while and i actually got some on video. They started way far apart, one east and one west, and then passed close together before moving up and down the west side of the freeway several times, almost making a complete circle, with our location oriented to the SE of the center of this path. They were just sweeping back and forth over the whole area. They made several passes over about an hour and a half span (approximately 10:30 through midnight).

When they got closer (almost directly overhead) we could hear them and determined they were just helicopters, so i cut the video. But both of us agreed they weren't normal sounding. They almost sounded more like a plane but i think its because they were military choppers, which i assume are much more powerful and different sounding than the conventional choppy helicopter noise you might think of. Both helicopters were also completely black, strengthening my suspicion that they were military aircraft.

Several times these helicopters turned out their forward facing lights as they passed over residential areas. A third light was also seen farther NW that never got as close as the other two, but judging from its size, flight pattern/speed and single light, it was also a helicopter.

September 12, 2011 - I returned and drove the same path i took August 21st tonight around midnight, just to be sure it wasn't a tower or anything. THE LIGHTS WERE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND and there is nothing similar anywhere in the area.

Original Photo 1
Original Photo 2

[Editor's Note:  I have a very strong suspicion that most triangle "UFOs" can be explained as our own government's top secret advanced technology.  However, one cannot dismiss the triangle shaped objects that were observed 30 or more years ago and even a few objects that are seen and reported nowadays. -SW



  1. I also saw these lights the same night! I will never forget because I wasn't sure what I was looking at. I saw them as I was driving along 2920 towards rosehill/hockley area.

  2. A friend and I saw 1 bright colorful light 2 nights ago in the same area as was passing the outlet mall to go was flashing multiple colors and and it did not move it was too high in the sky for it to be a tower and I know for a fact there are no towers or anything in the area that I saw it ..what seemed like a helicopter flew very close to it then flew away from it a fast pace I live in this area and there are no towers


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