Monday, September 19, 2011

Reports of Alien Contact: Missing Time in North Carolina; Australia- Entity in Bedroom; Ohio- Alien In the Window

Around the world, people experience "missing time", claim to see entities, aliens and UFOs.  Here are 3 recent reports submitted to MUFON.

Reports are "as is", with no corrections. -SW


Art Instructor Chased UFO, Experiences Missing Time

MUFON Case #  31839
Event Date:    1987-11-19
Time of Event: 23:00
City:    Whitsett
State:    North Carolina
Country:    US
Shape:    Unknown
Duration:    02:00:00
Distance:    100 feet or less
Summary:    Chased a UFO and several hours missing time.

I was an art instructor (college level) teaching night classes. I also was a business owner. I dropped off a student at about 10:00 pm and stayed for a cup of coffee before leaving for a late night at my business with my partner. It takes about 35 to 40 minutes to travel from my students home to my business. I stopped to pick up a candy bar for my partner at a 7-11 as I had promised. As I came within 150 feet of the graveyard entrance a UFO shot down from left (11 o'clock angle) to right (4 o'clock angle). I at first thought it was a small plane crashing but as it got to within approximately 30 feet of hitting the road in front of me it slowed and shot upward at a sharp angle. All I could see were 5 large lights ( blinding bright) that blinked from left to right continuously as if on a circlular object. I pulled into the entry of the graveyard and got out of my car. It was hovering at tree hight(60 to 80 foot tall pine trees) near the edge of the graveyard and almost above the only house on that side of the road at that time. Then it moved off and I jumped back in my car and followed it down the road as it moved just above the trees and power lines in a sort of swinging or zig zag movement while the white lights continued to blink in a spinning pattern. I chased it for about 3/4 of a mile and then it moved out over fields toward I-85/40. When I arrived at my business, just another 1/2 mile away, it was near 3:00 am. I have been bothered by this for years and just wanted it reported while I am still alive. In the early part of 1988 I had a secon encounter with something completely different while recovering from surgery. I will report it in another post.


Melbourne, Australia Youth Claims Entity In Bedroom

MUFON Case #  31910
Event Date:    2009-08-15
Time of Event: 00:00
City:    Melbourne
Country:    Australia
Distance:    20 feet or less
Summary: entity in bedroom at night then vanished

woken up at night, with what I thought was my mother or father crouched near my bed picking up something, I could only see the top of a head at this point in the dark. I then said "mum, dad?", as I said this the entity seemed to have realized that I had awoken and rose up from the crouched position and ceased what it was doing with its hands (the most I could see before it rose was its forehead and shoulders moving in a motion that would suggest movement with its hands, perhaps operating something) onto two feet and stood with its torso moderately bent over the bed. It then waved its two hands over my bed whilst facing me then slowly disappeared. During the experience I wasn't paralyzed or unable to move, but I felt I strong feeling to not harm or be afraid of the situation. After it had passed I stayed awake for several more minutes before going back to sleep.


Fremont, Ohio Resident Sees "Grey" Peering In Window

MUFON Case # 31904
Event Date:    2011-09-18
Time of Event: 23:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Fremont
State:    Ohio
Country:    US
Shape:    Triangle
Duration:    02:30:00
Distance:    100 feet or less
Summary:    i saw a face looking into my bedroom window it was greyish with big eyes

while i was out walking my dog tonight,and i say this because i like looking at the stars at night.I noticed a very large very black out line just barely above the trees.while i was trying to figure out what it was this unbelievable bright light lit up,it looked like the sun in the middle of the day,but just above the trees and at 11:00 at made no noise of any kind and just sat there.while looking at this thing i got the feeling that i could not control like i was a fish in a fish bowl with my owner looking in at me and shinning a flash light.the light blinked back out,but i could see that the out line of the thing was still just sitting there.i got kind of scared and went in the house and locked the doors.after i finally got into bed i couldn't sleep,for some reason i looked out my bedroom window and there was this face pressed up against it,but it was not human it was kind of large and defiently a grey color with huge very black eyes.i wanted to believe that it wasn't real so i looked away and when i looked back it was gone.this is not a hoax and i am not crazy,and i don't want to look that way by calling any body.I just don't know what to do if there are little creatures hanging around out side my house. please let me know if there are any more reports of strange things going on in fremont,ohio


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