Friday, September 16, 2011

UFO Aerial Display Over RAAF Base In 1990

Image courtesy Google Earth.


While on a training mission in 1990, RAAF Military personnel observed UFOs.


MUFON Case #  31798
Date:    1990-08-14
Time:   02:00
Location: RAAF East Sales, Victoria, Australia
Longitude:    147°08'28.40"E
Latitude:    38°06'10.94"S
Shape:    Star-like
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:   UFO's observed during special operations

In 1990 I was on a training mission at an Australian RAAF base "East Sail" Victoria, it was a joint exercise with No.2 Airfield Defence Squadron and the Special Air Service anti terrorism unit to conduct tactical operations on oil rigs in the bass straight, it was the middle of winter and my section was responsible to the security of the RAAF Base as the SAS used the base as a forward operational post before commencing operations.

It was approx 0200 hours while my unit an finished armoured patrol of the perimeter when we decided to pull up at a check point to check an area of fencing and scan the area with night vision goggles, when we saw an amazing display of 4 brilliant white lights in the southern hemisphere in what I can only describe as an aerial ballet, the lights came together in a small grouping and then accelerated into different formations.

The outstanding display was very clearly visible and the base was in full black out and also the RAAF base is not located near any dirty light from city lights etc and is located some way in a rural area.

Myself and my 5 man section were in awe of the speed and display we witnessed for approx 20 mins and as soon as they appeared they also shot off into the vastness of space.


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