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Mailbag- Witness has seen many UFOs over the years

I received the following reports, which are 'as is', with no corrections.

Chased by a UFO

In about 1977 or 78 I had to go to Duncan, Oklahoma to pick up some parts and took both my kids and wife with me. We left Jacksboro about 7 PM, drove to Duncan, picked up the parts and started back.

About Henrietta I think is where I began to see the ufo. It was your typical ufo with the multi color plasma based on energy released. This thing just hung in the background in different places until I got to about Midway, then things got serious.

I could see it in my rear view mirror, directly behind me and getting closer. I ran that old pickup as fast as it would go the rest of the way, which was stupid in retrospect, but at the time it was the right thing to do.

As soon as I hit the intersection in town and turned left, the ufo was in front of me about 1/4 mile. I went home and we all went to bed and forgot the whole thing.

I read your story, there is no scared like that kind of scared.

Note:  The story the witness refers to is here:
Watch What You Say!

*                *                 *

Once a witness...

Same witness writes:

1956 living on a farm in New Mexico, I was 9 years old. When cars went down the gravel road in front of the house, (250 feet away) the lights would reflect on the wall behind my bed so you would see a progression from one side to the other. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw reflected light coming through the window but the reflection didn't track like car lights, it was continous. In other words, the window pane reflection on the wall was multiples, traveling from left to right, this lasted about 60 seconds and I was too scared to get up and see what it was. The dog barked at everything all the time, but not that night.

That same year I was looking out the east window in my bedroom and saw an extremely large yellow object that looked like a meteorite and meteorite speed go right horizontally, left at a 45 degree angle, and right horizontally. It was huge! This thing was the size of an apple or orange at arms length.
I saw several unidentified lights during the years we lived on that farm. The general area was a maneuver area for the air force out of Roswell so I learned at an early age the difference between an aircraft and an unknown.

1964 Took my girlfriend to the Roosevelt county line between Tatum and Portales NM to park and make out. We lay on the hood of the car and watched a multitude of ufo's go all over the sky. They could travel from horizon to horizon in seconds, at extremely high altitude. We watched them for more than an hour. The lights were star like.

1967 A ufo followed me from about 20 miles south of Almagordo to Cloudcroft NM. This one was changing colors from red,blue, white, etc depending upon speed and elevation. About 1/2 mile past the tunnel it shot past the car,  ahead of me, stopped, then disappeared.

1973 Daylight encounter in Eunice NM. This was just after dawn, I had arrived at work, got out of the car and saw a bright light more or less over my house a mile away. My former wife had just gone outside to take the kids to school, including neighborhood kids. This craft was directly over the street we lived on. She got out of the car and watched it go by. The craft was solid black, triangular, with a canopy on the front of the fuselage, looked like a conventional aircraft but no sound. The craft flew directly over at about 100 feet agl at 4 or 5 mph. She said she could see the pilot looking at her.

1977-78 Two encounters while living at Jacksboro, I don't remember exactly what the correlation was between the 2 events, but I specifically remember the other incident, daylight sighting. This one was a yellow orb. It was west of me when first seen. Went to the grocery store, came out 10 minutes later and it was to the north. It slowly moved west about 1/4 mile then instantly shot toward Sheppard AFB. It was out of sight in 2-3 seconds.

I don't recall any other sightings until I moved here, now it's pretty constant. I know I have seen more but can't remember any facts right now.

I just remembered another one. Puxico Missouri, 1980, I was standing in the front yard at my sister's house talking to my nephew. He was working on his car and I was just standing around. This was about 10:00 PM. There was a flash that seemed to come from the river about 60 feet away to the South. I mentioned it and he said he saw it too. About 2:00 AM, my younger nephew and his wife were awakened by something, looked out the North window of their bedroom and saw a ufo hovering about 100 feet away, that is all the details I have on that incident. I read recently on Mufon about a young man that observed a flash, got up and saw the craft on his street, flashing houses. He realized that a house with 2 residents got 2 flashes, 3 residents got 3 flashes etc. I find that very interesting and correlate that to what happened to us in MO.

My mother tells an interesting story. Her father was travelling across the plains of New Mexico in a wagon, at night. This would have been about 1908-1909. A bright light about 20 feet across illuminated the ground in front of the mule team. The team refused to move until after daylight the next morning.
This is probably overkill but I thought I would share my experiences.

Note:  Once you experience one and get past that first sighting, then admit to yourself the possibilities, you're more apt to have other sightings.  Closed minds are more often than not, closed eyes.
*                *                 *

UFOs with jets searching for them?

Same witness has another sighting:

Round Rock, TX, Thursday, July 15, 2010

I thought I would pass this on for your info. I skywatched last night form 10:30 to 11:30. Saw several unidentifieds west of my house, one got really close. The interesting thing was that I saw an airplane in a search pattern. It looked like they were searching 20-30 miles or so North to South in an S pattern, fairly low altitude compared to the commercial traffic. The plane made 7 passes N to S and finally left going North. Hard to guess how far away from me, but probably at least 40-50 miles.

*                *                 *

Note:  Multiple sightings do not mean that person is not a credible witness, as some "editors and reporters" would have us believe.  It simply means that the witness is probably more observant of their surroundings, than the average citizen.

In a future post, I will touch on the subject of 'what makes a credible witness'.  In the meantime, keep watching the skies!

If you've had a UFO sighting, experienced missing time, or had a strange encounter, email me.


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