Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unidentified Object Photographed Over Amish Farm

MUFON Case #   24407
Date:    07/10/2010
Location:    New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

A slow moving silent object caught my eye as I was gazing at the sky. With the naked eye, it appeared to be metallic glowing yet translucent as it moved across the sky. It was moving two slow to be an airplane and did not have any sound associated with it. The setting was on an Amish farm without any background noise. I went to the car and grabbed my iphone and snapped this picture before it went down behind the tree out of sight. Attached is the picture that was taken. In the photo, the object is located above the right side of the largest tree in the picture.
Original Photo

Note:  Minimal corrections - Click on case number for original report.


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