Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two witnesses report bright lights over Ft. Worth

MUFON Case # 24819
Date:  07/28/2010
Time:  22:09
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Shape: Circle,Sphere,Star-like,Unknown
Distance: Unknown
Summary: Shining Bright light(s) in the Western Sky (not the planets)

I was driving I30 West when I noticed a VERY bright star (I thought) in the western sky not far above the horizon. I watched it the entire time going west - it wasn't moving, and it appeared that no lights were blinking.

As I continued west, it became slightly brighter. I went home to Benbrook, picked up my nephew & his 10x50 Binoculars and went back to get a better look.

We went the direction of Weatherford (west of Fort Worth, pulled over to an area and it had moved even lower on the horizon. It appeared as Multiple orange lights moving DIRECTLY west.

Whatever this was, had to be moving very slow for it to still be on the horizon. Also - we noticed more aircraft activity to the west - but did not notice any military aircraft and at one point my 18 year old nephew saw a quick light blue flash go from east to west over our heads (this could have been a shooting star - but we are unsure).

The orange lights eventually moved further west towards the horizon until it was out of site at 10:44pm (CDT).

We immediately wanted to report this - and the only spot I knew to do this would be MUFON. We searched the news but did not see anything. As bright as this was - there will DEFINITELY be more people discussing this.

Please let us know what you find out. I do not have a photo, as my kid had busted her camera.

Great timing.

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MUFON Case # 24826
Date:  07/28/2010
Time:  23:00
Status:    Submitted
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Shape:    Circle,Fireball,Sphere,Star-like
Duration: 01:00:00
Distance: Over one mile
Summary: Huge Bright Orange Moving Sphere

I had just arrived home from the store and was outside in my apartments parking lot putting together something in my work van.

I was looking in the sky because I always do in hoping I'll see a UFO, and I seen the big orange bright star-like object in the sky.

I just assumed it was probably Venus or something like that, and let me mention this is not the first time I've seen this, but the first time it actually made me have goosebumps as I'll explain.

Anyways, my girlfriend came outside on my apartment balcony (on 2nd floor) to see what I was doing and I said "Look at that, its a UFO!" joking, because she makes fun of my new profound interest in UFOs and the possibility of Alien Life and thinks I'm just crazy.

Anyways, I go back to work in my van, it's probably 10:00-10:30pm now and I look back up at the orange sphere star in the sky and notice that it's not really sphere shaped.

My eyes were a little off and hard to adjust from the light I was working with in my van to the night sky but I'm positive if looked at through a telescope, this thing was not just sphere shaped, nor a star.

I think I'm just trying to make myself see something else than what it really is and go back to working, but constantly looking up in the sky everywhere because I keep catching glimpses of lights in the sky, only to find out its just airplanes coming from DFW airport.

Then I turn my attention back to this orange star thing and notice that this thing has moved from where I originally seen it.

It's only been 15 minutes since I told my girlfriend to check it out, its 10:45pm now, and I had noticed some actual stars in the sky near this object before and they hadn't moved so I knew something was up then.

I called my girlfriend on my cell and said "hey that thing is moving! Come out here and see" She then came out and seen it and wasn't all that excited about it and just said "it's just a airplane, it's not a UFO! People are going to think your crazy out here just staring up in the sky."

I then knew she wasn't going to be my witness and I have no idea how she thought this thing was a plane. It had no sound, no blinking lights, and if it was a plane, it would have been long gone by then, not just hovering.

She goes back inside and I'm fixed on watching this thing. Then out of no where, something flies by at high speed passing the Orange Sphere, also no sound and had red blinking lights all over it.

I then started seeing the Orange Sphere slowly move right and down. I was thinking maybe the night sky was just moving like normal but the same stars I was looking at was in the same spot.

Another 10 minutes pass and the Orange Sphere is now ducking below the tree line, almost completely out of sight, just peeking at me through two telephone poles, and then, gone. I was now convinced I had just saw something strange and hoped it was a UFO.

I come back inside my apartment and get on the internet to google about the Orange Sphere on tonights date and WHADDYA KNOW....OTHER PEOPLE SEEN IT AS WELL!

I then proceeded to see how I could report it, and here I am! Sorry no pictures or video, will have camera on me next time!

Also during this whole sighting, about the time this Sphere started to move, it seemed like a storm was coming in from the East. It got real windy and clouds were coming in but then all the sudden stopped?!?

Airplane my left foot!


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  1. I to saw these lights around 21:12 in the sky over Calliham, Texas on July 28. It was the same the one in the picture above but all the light were not on at the same time it flashed one light second light and third light, then it disappeared and reappeared lower in sky( have a little on a video but not a good veiw as i saw before), then appeared higher in sky then was gone.


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