Monday, July 19, 2010

Witness reports seeing a 'wormhole' in the Texas sky

In a recent report submitted to MUFON, a witness claims that he and another person observed a "star gate" (wormhole), with a cigar-shaped object emerging from it.
This report has not yet been investigated.

Note:  This report contains some corrections.  To see original report, please click on case number.

Case Number:    24646
Date:    07/14/2010
Time:    22:30
Location:  Point, Texas
Summary:  Large burst of light, cigar shaped object came out, turned and stopped, light went out. Like a Star gate.   

A friend and myself were sitting on my dock around 22:30 on Wednesday, July 14, 2010, doing some fishing and observed a satellite pass overhead.

While tracking this satellite, we unexpectedly observed a very large burst of bright white light that illuminated the whole night sky in the area we were looking.

This circle of light resembled a tube with it darker in the center and as we were watching, a large cigar shaped dark object came out of this circle and exited down and out, stopped and made a couple of turns and moved a short distance and come to a stop.

After this object came to a stop, the circle of light closed up and went out. The object could not be seen after that point.

It was very close to what one has seen in the movies, such as Star Gate and other various movies and TV shows. The whole event was very clear and it lasted around three to four seconds, with both of us observing the same thing.


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  1. Not all but most of the reports I read seem to be after-burners of distant military jets, especially when folks say they appear and then disappear as quick as they come on. Given the right atmospheric conditions after-burners in far distance can look very close when actually they are far away explaining the absence of sound.


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