Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reader Reports UFO Sightings in Austin

Received via Email, witness has UFO sightings and seeks other reports from the Austin, Texas area:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi Sunny, I'm curious as to whether there will be any UFO reports from Austin tonight. From 9:15 to 9:25 PM (when I went back in the house), I saw several extremely dim red lights in the West. These are the same lights I see almost every non-cloudy night. Judging from their apparent elevation and appearance I think the lights are probably in the vicinity of Austin. Behavior is basically the same, stationary, then movement that seems to be at a fairly constant altitude relative to the earth, then stop and hover for a period of time, sometimes they return over the same flight path to original origin, sometimes they go in a different direction but the majority seem to return to the same specific place repeatedly. I would guess that the altitude is about the same as commercial traffic, the same area is the flight path from Houston to Austin. The numbers vary, sometimes one, sometimes more. I've never tried to count them. These lights are usually so far away I can't determine if they make any elevation changes during flight.
Last year in September I saw what might have been one of these machines up close at night, it came out of the west from the same general vicinity as described above, made a turn to my left which placed it about 1/4 mile away, made a right turn and came across directly in front of my position and stopped for a few seconds. Distance from me was about 200 yards due west and about 500 feet agl. I had the camera but just stood there, not scared but certainly not about to attract any more attention than necessary. After a few seconds the craft moved forward to my right, made a left turn, and went back where it came from. I estimate speed when approaching and returning to be about 2000-2500 mph, (about 5 seconds=60 to 80 miles).
All the lights were red and non-blinking, and the craft was definitely triangle shaped. Length was about 25-30 feet. There was no sound of any kind, and surprisingly no color change when the craft accelerated. A few days later, at 10:00 AM, I observed two delta wing craft and a white orb flying westbound at about 600 ft AGL. From my position was  Northwest 1/8 mile distant when first seen. Both aircraft were in formation, lead /trail and the orb was on their right about 300 feet away and 300 feet behind the trailing aircraft. No sound from these craft either.

The wings were unique, there were 3 scalloped sections deeper than the wing upper surface, the scallop sections went from the top of the fuselage to near the leading edge of the wing, and led back at more or less the same angle as the wing leading edge. They were so close initially I could only see the left wings and top of the fuselages. Neither of these craft had an opening on the rear as you would expect for jet exhaust, the trailing edge of the wing went straight across the back from side to side and there was no vertical stabilizer or any type of flight control device on the rear. Length of these craft was about 25-30 feet and were dull metallic in appearance. The orb was pure white and about 8-10 feet in diameter.  

Perhaps you can use this information in your endeavors.
As usual I wish to remain anonymous.

*                     *                      *

Note:  If you have seen an "Unidentified Flying Object" in the Austin area or elsewhere, please email me your account of the event. -SW


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