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Enormous Wing UFO causes death of dog in California

Depiction by SW

Recent reports submitted to MUFON tell of a translucent, wing-shaped craft seen in the skies over California.

MUFON Case # 24103
Date:    July 2, 2010
Time:    21:40
Location:    California
Summary: 2 bright lights huge object no sound thought we were going to die   

I'm not sure how long it lasted because we thought we were going to die but you will understand in this description. It felts like minutes but I know it was seconds because we really thought we were going to die! Here is the story:
I am reporting this in sadness because of this event my dog died! My daughter went to get the dogs from outside to bring them in (she's 15) and she ran screaming "get out a plane is going to hit us" "run" and she was hysterical. Me my husband and my son and I went running downstairs and my husband went to the backdoor (running) to investigate because my daughter is very meek and quiet and never screams. The next thing I know my husband is yelling "run" "its gonna hit us" and he started praying to God that we lived and if not take us to Heaven and let it be quick. We ran straight out the door as fast as our legs would go. Myself and my son never heard or saw anything we were just running for dear life. My husband told us to stop behind the trees because he thought at any moment it would hit and we wouldn't get much father ( didn't actually even think we would make it out the front door) and we live in the country so its all mostly open space in front of us. When nothing happened after a few seconds he told us to keep running as I horrifyingly saw him turn back toward the house. We kept going hurrying down the road and as we went we were trying to call our dogs that had escaped with us. My husband returned in his truck to state the object simply was gone/vanished he had no idea where it went but it never hit our house or flew over us and not a single sound was heard. So we continued the search for our dogs however one was struck by a car and killed. Later when I spoke with my husband and daughter I was informed it had 2 bright lights and was up in the sky they could see the back neighbors house below it and it made no sound and teetered a little back and forth but the lights were always horizontal to each other. This object made no sound what so ever and my husband said he saw the silhouette and it was as big as our back pasture across and very dark. I am very saddened but wanted to report this because weird things have occurred before here that we never mentioned to people. Like for one instance our laser pointer lights (we would play with our dogs with) when we would point them in the field they would disappear at some points but would be seen all the way to the orchards at other points and we always laughed that it was like something invisible was sucking up the light at that spot. I'm now truly scared and wanted this reported in the case something happens to us. Now it is time for me to grieve. I am afraid to sleep. I truly believe it must have landed in our pasture but everything appears normal. Something very wrong happened here tonight...please help!! Has anyone else ever experienced this?

*            *            *

MUFON Case # 24108
Date:    June 9, 2010
Time:    21:30 GMT
Location:    Petaluma, California
Shape:    Boomerang
Duration:    00:02:00
Summary:  Petaluma ranchlands: Enormous translucent wing with two lights on each end low over house

I've not come forward before, but the poor people who lost their dog fleeing this thing is just too close to what I saw on the evening of June 9th at 9:30pm as I turned off of Stony Point Road onto Pepper Road.

As I turned onto Pepper Road, I noticed an object hovering motionless in the sky to my left and two or three pastures in front of me. It looked about the size of a helicopter and was fairly high up at the altitude that one would expect to see a helicopter flying, but it had no flashing lights and no red or green. It looked like a close collection of three bright whitish-orange lights just hovering. I've seen strange lights driving through there before, so I had the thought 'Well, if you're a UFO, then flash.' Immediately after thinking that thought, the object descended at rapid speed directly towards me. Needless to say, I was quite startled by its approach. It went from looking like a collection of lights, to looking like a translucent enormous wing with a bright light on each end. The closer it got, the wider apart the lights became, although the lights stayed connected in relation to one another, as if on the tips of a straight wing. As it got to about tall tree level over Pepper Road, it banked hard like a conventional plane would do, but at a rate that no plane could do. It turned over the trees and cattle ranch at the intersection of Jewett and Pepper Roads and moved west. As it turned and departed, I could see the lights against the western sky which was still a deep turquoise after sunset. If it had been a conventional aircraft, I would've seen it silhouetted against the lighter sky and I would have heard engines. I heard nothing, and at best I saw something translucent between the two lights, as if it was an enormous wing. When it banked, it was three times the size of the rancher's house and was very low in the sky. If that rancher had been looking out his window, he would've had the same experience as the family in the 03July2010 event id 24103 had. He would've thought an enormous craft with two bright lights on it was going to hit his house. I sped up to follow the craft, but a two-decker several axle livestock truck was lumbering through the intersection of Jewett and Pepper Road, so I had to stop and wait for it. By the time I got to the west side of the rancher's house and out to open pasture again, I could see no sign of the object.

I'm not a nut. I'm a PhD scientist and I know that I saw something incredible. A friend has suggested that I saw lights reflecting in my windshield, but Pepper Road is dark. There are no lights to reflect. No cars were behind me or to the side of me. The only vehicle nearby was the livestock truck that was perpendicular to me and far ahead of me when the event occurred.

*            *            *

Note:  It is a shame that a family's dog was killed due to the sight of this UFO and it's behavior. 
Though this is indeed sad news and my condolences to the family, I am thankful it was not a person that was harmed.
I also seriously doubt that such news brings tears to the eyes of the occupants of that craft...


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