Monday, July 12, 2010

Rectangular object in sky over Galatia, IL

                             Depiction by SW

MUFON Case #  24428
Date:    07/10/2010
Time:    21:45
Location:    Galatia, Illinois
Summary:   spotted a square object in sky on my way to work   

I was on my way to work last night at about quarter to ten, my son spotted something in the sky, he said "mom...what is that?" I looked at what he was pointing at and it was a square shaped aircraft that had 4 blinking lights at each corner, in the center was a red solid light, it seemed to hover motionless in the sky, but it also seemed to be shifting from side to side. We watched this thing for about 5 minutes when it just DISAPPEARED into nowhere, now I am perplexed about this...I've never seen anything like this before. It was to the north of Galatia Illinois, probably at about 1500 ft. up in the air. There were no clouds in the sky.


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  1. I saw a rectangular 'ufo' in the sky over Norfolk, UK a couple of years ago ... it was low enough for my daughter a nd I to see lights glowing and rust coloured metal with girder like x beneath. It was completely silently flying across the motorway and then over the fields and up high into the sky to disappear.


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