Thursday, July 1, 2010

Orbs Seen Over Indiana

Witnesses (including a MUFON Field Investigator) in Indiana see and report what appear to be orbs high in the atmosphere, seen swarming around the sun.

MUFON Case # 24057
Date:    06/30/2009
Time:   11:07
Location: Kokomo, Indiana
Summary:  Multiple orbs circling the sun.

I received a call from *(deleted by MUFON CMS) at 11:07 am this morning. (I was at work and had just gone on my break).  He asked me to look outside and in the area of the sun and tell him what I could see. He stated that he and his wife were in Indy on medical business and that another person seeing these things was in Lafayette.

I went outside and at first glance didn't seen anything except some cotton wood flying, some bugs and a few flying spider webs, all flying with the air current and looking quite pretty in the bright sun and clear blue sky.

Then suddenly I happened to notice something quite different. The object I saw moved out from the corona of the sun was clearly a much higher altitude than the bugs and other debris flying around.

This object was moving against the air current that was propelling the other debris in the air. It STOPPED. Held steady it's position for WELL over one minute (which is like a century when you are watching, BTW) and then proceeded to move BACK into the sun, where I was no longer able to see it. It was quite large. With that, there appeared a whole host of other odd moving "things".

At one point there were so many that it gave the sun the appearance of an atom with all the molecules circling about it. It was that kind of movement and it was simply spectacular to watch.

In my 51 years, I have NEVER seen anything like it. I had to go back in to work at 11:30 am and it was still going strong. I want back outside again at 1 PM and it was still going on. By 1:45 pm it seemed to be waning.

A number of other employees wandered outside and watched the show, as well. I would estimate that at least 15 people that I know of went outside and observed the strange lights.

Like I said, I DID see a lot of cotton wood flying about. As well as bugs and, to my surprise, quite a lot of spider web material. I have read about the high air spider webs before but never seen them until today. They were very pretty to watch. But not anomalous in nature

Original Photos & Video:

Photo 1
Photo 2

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MUFON Case # 24068
Date:    07/01/2010
Time:   10:40
Location: Peru, Indiana
Summary:  Mass sighting of objects near sun continues from Y-day over IN.

Again seeing objects near sun today, similar to y-day's mass sighting report. Multiple objects, most star or sphere-like, moving in different directions, different speeds, but seem to concentrate near sun.

Heard an IU astronomy professor has explained these objects as "comet debris" from comet McNaught . . . I'm a MUFON FI, STAR Team member, and amateur astronomer, but have never encountered "comet debris" A) in daytime; B) that stops, hovers, and changes course; and C) that sometimes flies in formation!

These objects are high enough that witnesses in other mid-western states should be able to see them if they have clear sky. A large high pressure system is over us today, so am hoping this report will prompt folks to head outside and look (but not directly at sun!)

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