Thursday, July 22, 2010

Possible UFO in Sunset Photos Over Grapevine Lake

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MUFON Case # 24707
Date: May 30,2010
Time: 20:20
Location: Grapevine, Texas
Shape: Bullet/Missile,Cigar,Fireball
Distance: Over one mile
Summary: Taking pics, sunset at Lake Grapevine, didn't see anything with eyes, but after looking at pics later, saw what looked like comet, but weather guy said it wasn't and said it was a ufo

I was at Grapevine Lake to take some sunset photos on May 30, around 8:20. I didn't see anything with the naked eye, but later when I got home, I noticed what looks like a shooting star or comet. There is nothing in the first picture, then the next it looks like one is coming straight down and another going across towards the sun, north to south. The one coming straight down disappears and there is only the one larger one in better view. It wasn't a quick streak and then moved slowly in my opinion and it is definitely not a plane. I have a series of at least 10 to 15 pics from beginning to see it until it it cross over the sun and gets distant and I quit taking the pics.

I sent the photos to the local weather guy, and he said it was nothing he'd seen and it wasn't a comet or shooting star, and he said it was a ufo, to contact the National Weather site. I did and they said it was nothing they could identify and to contact you.

I am uploading the first picture where you can see the 2, with are in the upper to mid right side of the photo...above the shelter roof and the better of the 2 pics middle and ending. I can send more photos if you are interested. I am curious to see what you think. It's not a plane and it is long, no wings or tail. The photos are not on a long exposure at all, it bracketed the light on I made a b/w to see better.

See original photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

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Note:  It is possible that the object is actually a jet contrail (condensation trail).  In the right weather conditions the trails are short, dissipating very quickly in drier air.

Then again, it could be a solid object reflecting the sun, or possibly emitting light of it's own.  The weatherman was right, in that it is an "Unidentified Flying Object".


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