Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Satellite image of possible UFO found in SW Texas

                              Image courtesy of Google Earth.

A man reports finding a strange image on Google Earth, while looking for hunting property in Southwest Texas.

Case Number:    24666
Date:    03/31/2008
Location:    Brackettville, Texas
Summary:    This object or light was spotted on a Google Earth image taken on 3/31/08

I was scanning the west Texas land in Leona Ranch for hunting properties to purchase when I came upon this weird object in the imagery.

The latitude is 29.505872 degrees. The longitude is -100.334474 degrees.

It is a bright white circular light. Very intense. It measures about 26 feet in diameter. It has a pinkish hue around the white light that turns to neon blueish color. The diameter of the blue glow is measured as approximately 60 feet. It appears to be over a patch of trees.

When I zoom in as much as possible, I cannot see through the light. I thought it might be reflection off of a parabolic reflector or something, but there is a house about 500 feet away and if they were to place a reflector, there seems to be plenty of open space closer to the house and not in the trees.

It is a spooky looking image. What the hell is that!!!!???? This image is there for everyone to see, but I bet it will disappear soon.. It is the strangest thing I have seen in years of examining satellite photos on Google....

Someone let me know what they think!! I don't know how to attach the image, but if you go to Brackettville, Texas and then, go to the lat and long I have given, you will find it.

Super weird, man!



  1. I found this object too in my Google Earth.

  2. And its gone from Google Earth. They covered it up.

  3. I see only a building. Maybe it was a solar panel on the top of the house to spare energy or some kind of UFO hovering very high when picture was been taken. If You find out more let me know, cause on FaCEBOOK I will post all reports of UFO in the group "UFO I want to believe". Thanks.

  4. Google Earth images are updated every couple of years or so. New photos, so no, a UFO would not still be there.

  5. KaiLynn, if you just want to report your sightings, you can post them where ever you prefer but if you want them investigated, then you need to report to an investigator such as myself.
    BTW, Lights in the Texas Sky is on Facebook.


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