Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photos of possible Disc UFO over home in Washington State

MUFON Case # 24338
Washington State
I heard a low buzzing sound (like a very deep bass) so I went outside to see what it was. I saw the object and grabbed my camera. I took two pictures before it flew away. I don't think it noticed me.

1-I was in the kitchen getting a snack.
2- I heard a low buzzing noise(like a lawn mower but not as choppy and much lower) so I went outside to my back yard to see what it was. It was a noise I have never heard before.
3- I had no clue at all!! At first I was kind of frightened, but then I realized it might be a UFO so I grabbed my camera and a tripod.
4- It looked like a saucer. classic UFO. It slowly moved parallel to me. The time it took me to take the two pictures was about 10-15 seconds if that helps you calculated the speed. It seemed quite far away, but I have no clue how far.
5-I was kind of scared. kind of weirded-out. I felt kind of nauseous.
6- It flew away. I was about to take a third picture, but it was gone before I could take it. It was the fastest I have ever seen anything accelerate in my life.

Sorry I left everything anonymous, I just don't feel comfortable with strangers knowing my information.

*            *            *

Note:  This sighting report is available only through the database, as it was left off the UFO map, due to the anonymous nature of the report.  If the photos are real, that is a shame, as I doubt the report will be investigated.

Report contains corrections.  For original report, click on case number.


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