Friday, July 2, 2010

Strangers at the Door

                          Art Depiction by SW

My daughter who lives in San Antonio, told me of three strange visitors that recently came to her door.  Three extremely pale skinned young people, a girl and two boys.

The girl had exceptionally pale hair and huge, bright blue eyes.  One of the two young men had light orange hair and huge bright blue eyes.  All three seemed sunburned but their skin literally seemed to glow.  She added that their eyes seemed to "bug out".

My daughter answered the door and the girl reached out with a pamphlet of some kind saying, "You will appreciate this", whereby my daughter answered, "No, I won't!" and she promptly shut the door in their faces and ran to her teenage daughter's room, in fear.

I half jokingly told her that maybe they were aliens.  She laughed nervously and replied, "They weren't normal!"

Whoever, whatever these people were, they frightened my daughter, who is not one to frighten easily.  Were they simply odd appearing young people, or were they visitors from another world?

I told this story to a colleague of mine, who lives in North Central Texas.  He replied that he had similar "visitors" last week.  Two men and two young women. 

When he would not answer his door for them, they went to a small black car, got in and sat with the windows rolled up and the engine off, for over an hour, as if they were waiting for someone.  Once in a while, the men would glance at my friends house but that was the only movement.

Why would, or should I say, how could anyone sit in a car like that in 100 degree heat, with no air conditioning and the windows up?

My friend watched for a while and then when he returned to the window a short time later, the car and it's occupants had disappeared.  He never saw them go to any other house on his street.

If you have been visited, or have seen similar beings, please email me.
- SW


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