Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A recent sighting and lifelong events for one man in Great Britain

In an email from a friend in Great Britain, he writes:

I had a UFO sighting here in England back in June.
I was attending a work conference in the city of Manchester and I was outside with 3 delegates, and we were looking towards this odd looking tower (we found out it was a guard tower for the local penitentiary Strangeways Prison. The object we observed was a small tan colored orb, it was flying upwards on an arch and the flashed super hot white and then sped off to the east where it vanished into a cloud bank. At arms length the object was roughly the size of a pencil eraser. So, this object was very large from the distance we viewed it.

One of the delegates did a quick figure and he plotted it to be around 300 feet in diameter.

The other sightings was while attending a reception during the conference at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester. I was chatting with a small group of international visitors and we looked out and watched this civilian airliner coming in for a landing at the city airport north of Manchester, to the east we observed this large cylinder shaped object which was highly reflective fly past the airliner heading south over the city, this object was shaped like an upside down gold brick. You could see the could reflection on the top of it as well as the reflection of the city from underneath. It flew off in a straight line and was visible for over 3 minutes.

I tried to get the company photographer to get a photo of it but it was long gone before he could change lens. The photographer did see it though. It was very big as well. It was the largest UFO I have ever seen in broad daylight.

Note: My friend, who wishes to remain anonymous for now, has had UFO sightings and encounters since he was a child.  Here is an account of one of those sightings, which took place in the U.S.
(Also note that I have omitted some information from these accounts, to protect author's identity.)

When I was 9 years old I remember playing in our back yard, and I and my brother and his two friends watched this object in the sky almost directly over us and it was really low, I would say close to 500 feet or less. This thing was about the size of a truck it was rectangular and was belching out some kind of exhaust plume. My brothers friend coined the term "Dark Fuzzies" for these UFOs, it would not be the last time I would see a "Fuzzy", as they would appear all through my younger life, always in broad day light and on cloud less days.

They not only watched me alone but in the company of my friends. Where ever we would play or ride our bikes, the "Fuzzy" would appear off in the distance and than come closer and just hang over head until we would see it and point and then it would dart away at a high speed, or even a flash at times.

My youngest sister was outside with me on one such summer day, I was sitting on the picnic table and she was with me and we were talking and listening to her transistor radio. Then above the apple tree, low and behold the "Fuzzy" was there hiding behind the tree. I saw it and got really excited and pointed it out to her, it was her first time seeing one and she immediately freaked out and ran in the house screaming at the top of her lungs to my Mom.

By the time they came out to look it had departed.

Capt Easy Cheese

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More encounters to come...


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