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Portsmouth, Southern UK a UFO Hotspot

Map image courtesy of Google Earth.

A man in Portsmouth, England, reported to LITS, that on July 10, 2010, at 11:30 PM he was outside when he saw a bright light just above his home.  He reports:

"I was in my garden and it (the light) was travelling from west to east.  It was a very still quiet night but I couldn’t hear any noise from the direction of the light.  I called  my wife out to see it.  I then got my telescope to watch it but could still only see a bright light.  It was very large."

The witness goes on to say, "other people reported there were 4 others (lights) a lot higher up and there was no noise at all."

In a second email, the witness states: " I watched it (the light) for around 5 mins until it had gone out of site.  It wasn’t travelling that fast, probably the speed of a small plane but it deffinitely wasn’t a plane or any thing I had seen.  I know people say why didn’t you get a picture. I could kick myself. I had my camera in my kitchen and could have. I would usually say the same but I was so intent on trying to see what it was.
Since I've emailed you I saw the same light again last night but it was a lot higher than the air liners, travelling a lot faster this time, going south east.  What ever direction you look at them, they are just a very bright light.

There have been other recent reports, of strange lights and other unidentified objects in the skies over Portsmouth. Here are examples:

May 22, 2010

Witness Statement: Seen from the centre of Portsea Island (Portsmouth) – Bright orange/green light towards the North East at inclination of about 50 degress. Initially moved rapidly from the East (Chichester Direction). Was stationary for a few minutes then rapidly accelerated away skyward.

The main light was orange/green. An illuminated shaft of light extend above the main light. The shaft of light extended about a third of the diameter of the main light. Above the shaft of light was an arc of light extending horizontally.

*          *          *

July 1, 2010

Witness statement: I was having a fag in the garden with a friend, as she pointed up and said whats that. As I looked, above me was a triangle shape in lights travelling over me from East to West. It looked like it was at low altitude and didnt make a noise. The lights span was greater than the house and was travelling at a low speed.

I would love to see if anyone else saw this???

*          *          *

July 10, 2010

Witness Statement: We Were Walking Down Copnor Road Heading Past College Park, When From The Sky A Bright Orange Light Preety Much A ‘Ball Of Fire’ Travelled Across The Sky Then Hovered For 20 Seconds Or So Then Headed Upwards At Highspeed And Vanished, This Was The First Time My Girlfriend Saw This And Was Amazed, Howerever I Saw the Exact Same Thing A year Or so Ago, But There Were 3 Of them In Formation And Did The Exact Same Thing Heading Over Porchester Way And Vanishing At High Speed, It Is In No Way A Plane Or Helicopter Or A ‘Chinese Lantern’ As Many Say….. Anyone Else See It ?

While we are on the subject of UFOs in the UK, here is possibly a video-taped landing of a UFO in Winchester, Hants, UK, 03/07/10:

Youtube Link

This Genuine footage was shot at 10:05  tonight, 03/07/10, by one of a dedicated team of ufologists, looking out from Wooton St Lawrence, above the B3400 road, towards distant Winchester, Hants, (some miles away), whilst out on a skywatch.
The object had no flashing lights on and just suddenly appeared in the sky, before hovering a while then landing.
There are no airfields where this was seen, and the object was also observed through high powered certainly wasn't a Chinese lantern, (the object was of considerable size), or a plane, (no wings), rather, it had an energy field surround it's bulk, a ball of swirling lights.
This wasn't the first aerial encounters we had this night...I had another excellent sighting, but couldn't get it on film...and 2 other possibles...again, which I couldn't film.
It's funny, because all evening I had been asking out loud for something big to happen, and in an unusually quite sky....almost devoid of planes this evening, a major sighting/photo-op happens like this!
I would say that was not a coincidence, would you, the reader?
See also these photos of a daylight orb taken last year by some friends of ours, close up, before the object flew away and over the fields near Telegraph Hill, which is more a less,, (give or take a mile), in the same general area of Winchester as this footage.
This was sent to a leading crop circle researcher and I was completely ignored about it.
The pictures and blow-up are on our main site at


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