Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Watch what you say!

25 November, 2008, Tuesday, 8:30 to 9:00 PM
Took dogs out to go pee and while I was out there, I saw a flashing light to the N/NW, behind the line of tall oak trees that border our property, seen only through the trees and lower, not at tree top level. I hadn't noticed it before and figured it was some sort of tower, which upon inspection the next day, I confirmed that there is a tower in that direction but quite far away. Just past our fence line, is a narrow row of tall oak trees. Past that is nothing but wide open pastureland and cattle, bordered by more oak trees and more pasturage.
The lights of the tower is was drew my attention. I observed it, then took the dogs back into the house. I got warmed up (cold and calm outside that night) and then I went back outside with my binoculars. I could make out the strobing lights of the tower, fairly clearly. What happened a few moments later, proved to be no tower lights.
As I stood there looking through a large gap in the treeline at the strobing lights, pondering if those were actually tower lights (like on a radio or cell phone tower), I noticed a larger light below the tower light. This larger light started to move up, then back down, and then disappeared, as if it moved behind the trees where I could not view it. I walked out close to our barn, where I thought I might see it better but the trees were in the way. I then walked back towards the yard and stood next to one of our pine trees. That's when I again saw the large light moving up behind the trees again. I stood behind a pine tree and used a nob on the tree trunk, to get a fix on the light's position, to see if it was actually moving, or if my eyes were playing tricks on me. It was moving, definitely! The light made a couple of moves up and down then back up, until it cleared the treeline, when suddenly 4 lights came on, forming a line that was angled 80 degrees left (west). Each light flashed, starting with the lower left-hand light, then the next, then next and so forth, but the flashing was 1,2,3,4 then a slight pause, then 1,2,3,4 again and continuing. I had my camera and tried to take a picture but absolutely nothing showed up, not even the lights from the tower. Then the camera just shut off by itself. I turned the camera on again, held it up to take a picture and it shut off again! I had just put fresh batteries in the camera but every time I tried to take a picture, it shut off. I stuck my camera back into my jacket pocket. I still had my binoculars around my neck, so I grabbed them and looked at the lights again. Moments had past but the object was still there, though it had straightened out (horizontal), to the ground and the the lights began flashing in unison.
These strange lights were just past the oak trees, maybe 1000 to 1500 feet from me. As I watched very intently, only one small white light remained and the rest were replaced with dark red lights. The lights began to rise higher above the trees, maybe 150 ft, then the lights began to recede from me, angled upwards and to the west and simply disappeared into the night sky.
I then walked back past the pine tree, towards the barn and out into the open where I could see the majority of the north, east and west sky.
There were several jet-liners in the sky and all were recognizable, though they were very far away. Suddenly overhead and slightly to the west, I saw the outline of an object that had those same deep red lights. It was slowly moving from west to east, which would take it directly over me.
For some stupid reason and while the object was moving slowly, I suddenly thought out loud, "I know what you are and you're up to no good." No sooner had I gotten the words out of my mouth, that my camera suddenly turned on in my packet (I heard it and felt the zoom lens extend) and the object was coming straight down towards me, at more than twice it's original speed! I turned to run to the house. As I ran for the house, a beam of light came up from behind the house and up over the roof. That was all it took for me to pick up speed. I made it to the house and began locking doors. My camera had shut back off again, as I entered the house. I made sure the guns were loaded and I stayed awake most of the night.
I will continue to watch the sky but I will definitely watch what I say!

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