Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sighting of "Moon-like" Object and Possible Abduction Near Ranger, TX - 1983

Depiction by SW/LITS

This is a preliminary report of a sighting in 1983, by a local witness, that apparently began in Stephens County and ended up in Eastland County.

Closest city:  Ranger, Texas
Date of sighting: Fall of 1983 (harvest time)
Date reported: 08/01/2011
Time of sighting:  21:30
Location:  Rural, farms, fields, woods
Shape:  Round, Orb (possible disc)
Technical: Gas Plant nearby, pumpjacks
Weather:  Clear
Vallee Index: MA2, possible CE4

A male witness [Name withheld by SW/LITS] whom I interviewed, filed a personal report with me that on a Fall evening in 1983, at approximately 9:20 p.m., he was on his way to Ranger, Texas from Breckenridge, when he saw a bright light in the sky. [Witness stated to have actually first seen the object on Wayland Rd.  He believes the truck died after he turned onto Morton Valley Rd.]

As he got closer to the object, his pickup sputtered and died, so he coasted to the side of the road.  At this point, he was just a few minutes from town.

When first seen, the object was to his southeast, traveling at an extremely slow speed, headed North.  At it's closest to him, he estimates it was about 1/4 miles away.  He describes it as "barely moving."

The witness exited his vehicle, raised the hood of the truck and attempted to tighten the battery cables.  The object was very visible and lit the whole area.  He could see inside the hood very well, even though it was a dark night. 

The witness described the object as a huge round white light, so bright that it hurt his eyes to look at it.  He said that from his perspective, it was 4 times the size of the moon, that it looked like a "huge moon."

The witness estimated that the object was 1/4 mile from him, at 40 degrees above the horizon, at about 1000 feet AGL.  He estimates the size at between 200 and 300 feet, though he considers that a conservative figure.  He could see house about 1/2 mile away with their porch lights on, or "guard lights" in the yards.

There was a gas plant nearby, along with woods, fields and oil field equipment, including tank batteries.

There are airports located in Ranger, Eastland, Cisco and Breckenridge.

The only sound the witness could hear was the "pop pop" of a nearby pumpjack.  Otherwise, it was totally silent.  He felt all alone with this thing in the sky.

The witness got into his pickup and tried to start it but it would not run and he thought the battery was dead.  He figured he would have a long walk to town. The object was still there but moving slowly.  The light was like it was shining on him and all around him. He could see under the hood very well.

He lit a cigarette, then looked inside his toolbox.  When he looked back, the light was gone and he was in the darkness again.

He turned the key and the truck started right up, just like nothing had ever happened.  He then drove on into town and when he got to the store, it had been closed for some time.  He can not account for the time.

It takes about 30-35 minutes to get to where he was going.  He left with 30 minutes to spare.  He estimates that he watched the object for about 20 minutes, from the time he first saw the object, to when it disappeared and he was able to start his pickup. The witness lost at least 20 to 30 minutes but does not remember anything else happening.

The witness also states that he had another sighting after that.  However, we will file a separate report for that incident, as well as a crop circle that he and his boss found in a wheat field.

The witness plans to take me to the location soon, so that I can try to determine a more precise distance and elevation this object was from the witness, better determining it's size.

I will post updates, as I procure more information during this investigation.

- Sunny Williams
Lead Investigator, LITS

Area in red is possible locations of sightings as the witness traveled,
then his pickup died.  After going to location with witness, I will update
map and report.- SW


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