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Latest Cattle Mutilation Cases

Mutilated 'Red Angus' found on Trinidad, Colorado ranch.


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Cattle Mutilation, Trinidad, Colorado 08/08/2011

Disclaimer: Caution some pictures attached to this blog may be disturbing.

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Recent Cattle Mutilation In Southern Colorado Hotspot  @ Phantoms & Monsters


Cattle Mutilations - Cattle mutilations have been recorded in all 50 states, but no one's ever been caught. Now they're happening in Nevada again, and no one seems to know why.

More than 10,000 of these mutilations have been reported on ranches all over the country. It’s a felony in many states, yet there's never been an arrest, yet alone a conviction. The mystery mutilators are back in action in northern Nevada, and lawmen there -- as elsewhere -- are completely stumped. 

Nevada is still cattle country, with more than 500,000 head scattered over the vast rangelands of the state. Even in southern counties, it's not unusual to see scenes reminiscent of a John Ford western. But when the sun goes down, death comes calling.

Seven times in the past few years, someone or something has crept into the fields of this ranch near Battle Mountain and has carved up cattle with surgical precision.

Lander county lawmen are as baffled as their counterparts around the country. They have few clues, no motive and no suspects.

“It could be considered rustling, which is a felony," says Lander County Deputy Sgt. Keith Altemueller. "There’s no evidence I have of what happened, how it happened or who did it. There are no tracks, no sign of disturbance and generally no blood. The cuts are very sharp -- very unusual!  I’ve lived in the desert all my life; I’ve seen what predators do. This is not what predators do.” 

Former state Sen. Floyd Lamb has been ranching in nearby Lincoln County for most of his life. Twice his prize bulls have been taken, cut up and dumped by unknown perpetrators. Several of his neighbors have also been victimized.

“That's a crazy thing," Lamb says. "I don’t know what it is -- take a bull; cut him up; dissect him. I don’t understand that. Some kook.”

A kook who can immobilize large animals without making any noise, slice them up, drain them of blood, leave no tracks, then disappear.  Nevada cases date back at least to the '70s.

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NM officer who investigated cattle mutilation, underground bases passes

See video with Gabe Valdez, who was a former New Mexico state patrol officer in charge of the Dulce, New Mexico area. During his tenure, beginning in the 1970’s, he was tasked with investigating mysterious cattle mutilations. After years of research he concluded that a clandestine government agency was responsible and that they used secret underground bases in the Dulce area for their experiments. Valdez passed away on August 7, 2011 in his sleep at his home in Albuquerque.

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