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5 Mile Wide UFO Reported Seen Over Kansas City, MO

Depiction by SW/LITS, of UFO as first seen.
This is only a rendition of what might have been seen.

A Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigator reported a sighting on August 7, 2011, of a 5 mile wide disc-shaped UFO, that appeared to be hovering over Kansas City, Missouri.

Here is that report:

MUFON Case # 30711
Date: August 7, 2011
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Summary: Huge Disc - shaped object hovering over downtown Kansas City.

I left my office and was traveling west on 23rd street in Independence, Missouri just past Noland road when I saw a huge disc shaped dull gray metallic object hovering at what looked like the north half of downtown Kansas City directly to my west and slightly north. You can see the KC skyline clearly from the high hill I was driving on.

As a UFO investigator, I shouldn't be shocked by anything, but in this case, I was very surprised by what I saw, especially since I had received a report earlier in the day from a witness who described a similar very large craft in South Kansas City.

The object did not move and I saw it clearly for two to three seconds, which was long enough to know I saw SOMETHING. It was a disk shape, with flat sides, and a domed top. I could not see any details or lights. I estimate the size to be 5 miles wide.

I immediately called several people I knew and other MUFON field investigators to see if they could see anything from their vantage point.

After I arrived home, I found that I had left my good cameras at the office and only had my cell phone camera (it figures). So I went outside and started taking random photos of the sky. Just as I turned the camera off I noticed what looked like a commercial jet flying at high speed and low (maybe 5,000 ft or less) and almost completely sideways with both wings clearly visible! It was banking hard to the left heading from Northeast to Southwest. That type of maneuver is usually reserved for smaller craft and fighter jets, not a commercial airliner.

The jet was a silver and peach color - the peach may have been a reflection of the sun. I tried to get the camera ready again but was not fast enough. Total time in view was approximately six seconds.

Right after the jet was out of sight, a large round white object the size of a dinner plate at arm's length with a hole in the center appeared and disappeared in the exact same location as where I first saw the jet appear, or when I first noticed it.

I then posted a message to the Missouri MUFON chat list about what was going on and after receiving some other messages put together a timeline of events. -

12:15 p.m. - A witness called to report a giant UFO over south Kansas City (see other report filed) -

1:30 - 3 p.m. - A UFO spotter and photographer in Topeka, Kansas (72 miles from KC) photographs multiple UFOS in "battle mode." He has been able to capture UFOs on film using a special method and AB UV sunglasses. -

2 p.m. - A Kansas City MUFON member reported a large number of UH-60 helicopters flying very low at treetop level at 125th and State Line in south Kansas City. This is definitely NOT a normal occurrence for that area. -

4:20 PM - I saw the large disc over downtown KC, then the plane and white disc. -

5:20 PM - a MUFON field investigator saw a strange cloud with structure North of Iatan, MO from his vantage point across the river in Kansas. -

10:30 PM - my daughter called, she was watching the skies and saw a black helicopter with no markings flying very low at tree top level in Independence, MO, just a few blocks from my house. -

3:00 AM Sunday - St. Louis, MO- a MUFON field investigator and her entire neighborhood were awakened by a very loud strange banging and humming noise along with what sounded like gunfire, that lasted for several minutes. The vibration seemed to be coming from a spot in the sky. They have not identified the source yet.

Note: I don't know if this is related, but since it is also strange I thought I'd mention it. The next day (Sunday) a big storm came in very quickly with high winds that caused a large number of power outages throughout the city and took our power out for 7 hours.

Just prior to the storm, I took my Nikon camera outside to take some pictures as it came in. I had the camera set at 1/200 sec without flash and multi-shot mode. I took 6 pictures in a row, then analyzed them. In one shot out of the series there are multiple orbs in my yard, and in subsequent photos there are tiny red and blue lights that can't be explained. No rain was falling at that point.

After taking the photos, I went inside and the lights flickered on and off six times. I then took a nap (which is unusual for me) and was unaware that the power had gone completely off. I was in a dead sleep, and was awakened by a loud static noise with lots of voices talking at the same time coming from the radio. I sat up and looked at the radio, but the power was out so it should have been impossible for that to happen.

On Monday, we had two guests and a guest speaker from St. Louis MUFON attend our monthly meeting. After it was over we were standing outside talking and I saw a bullet-shaped white line, then a white crescent shaped object appear and disappear very quickly. These were west of our location in Westport in Kansas City. No one else saw anything.

I am surmising that some of these objects are things that come into view for a short period of time, and are noticed by clairvoyants like me, but not by others. Perhaps they are entering or exiting wormholes, or are cloaked somehow and uncloak accidentally for a few seconds.

Note: Could this have been a hologram, or possibly a glimpse of another timeline, or dimension?

I would be interested to find out is others saw the same thing that this witness did. -SW


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  1. I was on the east side of Lawrence, KS at 2am walking through the wetlands area with a friend. We were both looking down and saw a huge blue flash that was bright enough that it lit up the ground that we were looking at. I thought it was lightning at first but there was a cloud in the sky. We looked up and there was a blue light in the sky toward the east. It went one direction, went the other direction, then took off and was gone from sight in a few seconds. I have never seen anything like that in my life and am almost sure it was a UFO. It was at almost 2am on Sunday morning. Oh, we also heard what sounded like a gun shot a few minutes later but we didn't think they were related.


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