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Recent UFO Sightings In Texas - August 25-28, 2011

Here are unedited (as is) reports submitted to MUFON, of UFO sightings in Texas, between August 25, 2011 and August 28, 2011.

MUFON Case # 31193
Event Date:   2011-08-25
Time:             21:00
City:    Manor
State:    Texas
Shape:    Boomerang,Triangle
Duration:    00:01:00
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    triangle three sets of light all sets red and white

standing on the patio I notice a large triangular formation of lights traveling from 110 degrees east to 270 degrees west at an alarmingly slow rate of speed. over the coarse of one minute I watched the vehicle travel across my back yard at at impossibly slow speed for a typical aircraft. The vehicle was silent as it passed by under the clouds until it was nearly out of site. At that time i could hear a faint roar. A plane this size flying this low would have been extremely loud and most likely would have been heard coming and going. The object had three distinct sets of lights which seemed to be on three corners of the craft. All three sets of lights were in pattern as such below and flashed in a back and forth pattern with a slight curve to them as if the traced around a rounded corner.


I would say the lights would resemble the red lights on the front of the Night Rider Firebird a.k.a Kit. However these light were much longer and and as mentioned above white and red.

I know this was not a conventional airplane. It just didn't add up. I can assure you my husband and I are very curious as to what this was and would loved to know if there were any other sightings in the area on the date in question. We have found some evidence of a UFO around the same time in Laredo Texas.


MUFON Case # 31206
Event Date:  2011-08-26
Time:            23:30
State:           Texas
Shape:         Unknown
Distance:     Unknown
Summary:    Exceedingly slow large object. Lit white, and faint slow and random led-like red blinks

Approximately 11:30pm, while sitting in reclining lounger on porch, at home, surfing on iPhone while occasionally glancing up for periods hoping to catch a meteor, I looked up to see a normal aircraft about 70 degrees eastward, heading from a NE to S direction. I then noticed a large (perhaps twice, maybe three times size of passing original aircraft),totally silent object "floating" to the right of the plane. The distance from the aircraft was maybe two outward held "fist- lengths" from the plane. Initially I thought "Whoa, really large bright satellite pass!", but immediately realizing that it was too late in evening to view any passes. And it was larger than the ISS. Object path was, for lack of better word, " meandering".

I then tried to justify object being an airplane, and again, quickly dismissed the thought due to the following: it had absolutely no sound. There were no airplane lights - the white illumination was steady, no fluctuation at all. And even if one considered that my view could have been from odd angle, the largeness of object dictated that I would have had to see the airplane strobe. It was floating uncannily slow, in no particular flight path and was not blimp-shaped. In fact. would be hesitant to actually assign a shape. While watching it wander so impossibly slow and while trying to make up my mind what I was looking at, I saw some faint led-like red flashes randomly coming from object. These faint red strobes occurred several random times, as I watched.

While I watched it move in a slow, irregular flight path, in a northerly direction, I turned on the iPhone camera but was unable to capture image. I thought, "well heck, it's moving so slow, I'll run in the house and grab the binoculars", which were just a few feet from the back door. However, returning back to the porch, the object was absolutely gone. This was not possible, given rate of speed and direction heading, it absolutely could not have travelled from my field of view. I am very confident of this fact. I thouroughly scanned the sky, then ran to thru the house out the front door, in order to view the eastern and northern horizon ( central Texas horizon - no obstructed horizon view) the night was clear, no haze. On this kind of evening I'm able to easily view up to 2.6 mag. and a bit fainter satellites. However after scrutinizing every inch of sky, even looking through binoculars, even veiwing whar i knew to be stars & planets; I kept thinking that I would see it fading to a faint point into the distance. Illogically, the object had completely vanished from the sky. Lest the investigator thinks otherwise, I spend countless hours viewing sattilite passes, studying the night sky, and watching for meteors. So, I am not quick to jump to conclusions concerning objects that I see: I am not going to mistake Jupiter ( it had not even risen yet), or a sattilite flare for a " flying saucer". This object was impressive and may well have been a new military creation, but it certainly was not following any of the rules with which I am familiar.

Editor's Note-  North and south don't mean much, if the witness won't list where they are located (town, or at least county).   Central Texas is pretty darn big. -SW


MUFON Case # 31208
Event Date:   2011-08-27
Time:             01:30
City:              Arlington
State:            Texas
Shape:          Triangle
Distance:      One mile or less
Summary:    There were 3 triangular objects that appeared out of nowhere flying in a triangle pattern...

I was laying on my sisters car at 1:30 a.m. (central time) on the the 27th of august on a clear night. As I was looking at the stars suddenly three triangle objects materialized and flew silently from the east and headed north at the same altitude that small planes or helicopters would normally fly at. They were huge and flying in a triangle pattern.... if i were to hold my thumb up at arms length they were about as big as a basketball....massive! Each craft had 3 orange amber lights, one on each point, and the lights were constant but also seemed to leave a trail as they flew. The event lasted 2 mins and they left as quickly as they appeared.


MUFON Case # 31211
Event Date:   2011-08-27
Time:             02:00
City:              Haslet
State:            Texas
Shape:          Unknown
Distance:      Over one mile
Summary:    I noticed a stationary light, maybe 1/2 mile from home, in the sky above one of the local farms.

I'm at home staying up late as usual when I look through the open shutters of my living room to notice a flying red light about half a mile away. It was hovering over a neighbors farm. They have dozens of cows in my small Texas city and my home is surrounded by them from the west, NW, N, and NE. For about two seconds I thought it was a plane or a helicopter but I quickly noticed that it was silent. I live near many small airports so I know exactly what a plane, helicopter, even chinooks sound like. My neighborhood is very quiet. It is not fully developed and we have tons of empty lots so we're not a big group. I instantly go into a mode that I've never been in before and I document the time to 2am. It is extremely dark in my town at night. We are away from the big cities so it was very hard for me to see the shape of the object. I could only make out the lights. There were a few colors flashing but sometimes there would only be a red light, not flashing, just still and in the shape of a line. I watched this object for 10 minutes before I grabbed my binoculars and then for 35 more minutes. Sometimes a house would be in the way, but it would always rise back up. It flew pretty low. If I saw a plane flying that low I'd expect it to crash. I was just very freaked out by the flight pattern. It would sometimes fly straight up or straight down or stay still or fly away or fly straight towards my way, but it would change patterns quickly. For the most part, it was circling in the air about 2-3 miles away, very near the local airport. I wish I was good at figuring out how large it was or how high it was and I also wish that I could've gotten a better look at the shape of the object. Even with my binoculars, it was difficult to see. I could only make out its lights because they were so easily noticed. The object did not disappear or give off any light explosions when it went away. It just simply went away. It started moving East till I could no longer see it. About 20 minutes later I hear a helicopter fly over and I saw a plane flying at the appropriate altitude and the usual flight pattern. So, that really confirmed that I did not see an airplane or helicopter and I'm definitely considering buying night vision binoculars.


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