Monday, August 29, 2011

Alien in Campfire Light? Tillamook, Oregon

Jpeg version of submitted photo.
Original photo is in Bmp format.

Could this be an alien entity?
Cropped and enhanced by SW/LITS
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A young woman submitted a report and photo of an supposed "alien", to MUFON.  The date of the event: September 9, 2010.

[Note: Tillamook is near the coast of Oregon, west of Portland.]

Here is that
unedited report.

MUFON Case #  31270
Event Date:    2010-09-30
Time: 00:00 GMT
Status:    Submitted
City:    Tillamook
Region:    Oregon
Country:    US
Longitude:    -123.8177287
Latitude:    45.4191756
Summary:    Alien, appears to be wearing metallic garmet w/ symbols

I actually did not see this creature until later when I took the memory stick out of my camera & put on my computer. And even then I didnt notice it but an old school chum noticed it on the photo on my Facebook page. I never even was sure I really believed in aliens. It looks like a gargoyle to me almost. It is facing a fire we had built between our families 2 travel trailers & we did compare against the flames & its is NOT the flames. This things was right next to me but I did not see it. When we arrived at the Sand Lake Dunes in Tillamook there was an odd noise that started that everyone thought was a cat. It was the weirdest experience as all my family & friends have really been unsettled by this photo. I might still have it on the original memory stick if it needs to be analyzed. I have photos of the exact area taken in daylight with nothing there. There is also a blue orb in the photo but orbs are often in my photos. This evening my boyfriend did some photoshopping playing with the lights of the photo & it appears to be solid as the light reflects off of it. There also appears to be some sort of symbols/insignia on the metallic part of the garmet this "alien" is wearing. I am not into aliens at all. In fact, my boyfriend watches so many programs about aliens that Im fairly weary of anything having to do with aliens. This is not my field of interest at all. I kept thinking of it as a demon. But in the interests of science & because this does appear to be a genuine...otherworldly creature, I thought perhaps I should share it. This happened in October of 2010 when I was attending the jeep club races of my boyfriends family.

Submitted Photo

Editor's Note: Could this be a real alien entity, or is it hoaxed?  The photo submitted (according to the young lady who reported this), has been altered in Photoshop.

As I do not have the original photo to examine, we can only wonder.- SW


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