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Update: Was there a possible UFO crash near Round Rock, TX in 1977?

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Recently a man sent me information cerning a possible UFO crash near Round Rock, Texas.  When he was approached in 1977, he was told there was a suspected airplane crash.

After an extensive search, the only airplane crashes I've been able to come up with for Round Rock Texas, was one on  October 18, 1982 and one for June 9, 1968.  However, there was one airplane crash in Pflugerville, on August 24, 1976.

So what was it that crashed near Round Rock in 1977?  Perhaps we will never know.

For a comprehensive list of airplane crashes in Texas:


Original Report:

Was there a possible UFO crash near Round Rock, TX in 1977?

A man of 76 years, who now resides in South Texas sent me information about a possible UFO crash that occurred in 1977.

Here is that account that I have pieced together from questioning (exerts from several emails):

In 1977 I lived in a small rent house with my wife and 8 year old son north east of Round Rock, Texas. I'm reasonably sure it was spring of 77...  It was warm and the 20 acres I searched was very muddy.

About 10 p.m. one night some fellows drove into our yard and asked if we owned any property near by.... I told them that we did own 20 acres between this location and Round Rock.

They told us that there was a suspected plane crash in the area and would we please check to see if it might be on our property.   Which I immediately did, and there was nothing.

Lots of local people were out driving the back roads and communicating by the then prolific Citizens band radio.  We were told by the radio to go home, quit wasting our time and gas, that nothing was reported missing from Austin's airport, Georgetown airport, or Bergstrom Field south of Austin.

I don't know where the original 'plane crash' report came from.

Next morning a friend with connections to the local newspaper (a reporter for the Round Rock Leader, a rather typical small town newspaper) went to a large commercial egg producer in the area....  It was cordoned off. He was told to leave by armed military personnel.

There was a bit of local talk... some seemed to believe it was a small military aircraft with some sort of ''secret'' eqpt. on board.

Later several large military vehicles were seen leaving the property hauling large canvas covered objects.

There was never any mention of this by any news media.

I realize that this is yet another 'untraceable' bit of information..  I have since lost touch with the gentleman I mention who was my only contact with the incident.

There didn't seem to be much interest in the event, and apparently on a very few actual witnesses to the trucks that left the scene early the next morning.  I am trying to find the gentleman I mentioned.... he is a difficult fellow to keep track of.  He was not known to be very 'wordy'.  He was a close personal friend.  He and his family were my back fence neighbors for 3 years.

I was a salvage diver in my youth...  Have always been a treasure hunter (never found anything) and spent over 40 years in the museum profession.  Also, in my younger days I was a pilot and consider myself to be a fair observer.  I have seen one phenomena which was 'not normal'.  A light that passed across the area, then took an abrupt 90 degree turn and streaked away.  My son saw it from a different location as well.

My reason for sending this is only to have it recorded someplace, where it might be referenced with anything else in the same time period, or location.
[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Special Note:  If anyone has any knowledge of a possible UFO crash near Round Rock, Texas, in the Spring of 1977, please contact me.  Thank you.
-Sunny Williams


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  1. i finally got some footage of what i've been seeing outside . i caught the formation that they do when time to leave check out my blogg.forgive me iam new at this blogg thing.i had to find a way to get more insight bout our sky.DIDNT expect to see REALLY strange stars BUT IAM LEARNING.


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