Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Flying Square" Near Lemoore Naval Air Station

Note:  These reports are "as is", with no corrections.

MUFON Case # 31131
August 23, 2011
"Walking to the corner store. Looked up and had seen strange object in night time sky. "

On Aug 23rd evening 10:17 pm I was walking to the corner store.I like to look up at the stars all the time. I figure that, Not alot of people ever do.Anyways, I looked to the NW direction ,the sky was partly cloudy and a slight cool breeze the temp was about 70 degrees.

I thought the craft that I'd seen was a huge plane at first, but it had no sound what so ever and the city lights you could see that it had a non shiny surface the strange thing looked like a square not a box, but a messuring construction square. The lights looked so way wierd like the size basket balls 500 ft in the sky, and had another outter ring around the lights slowly getting brighter then slowly getting dim.

I stopped to look at it to see if it was going to move in some other direction but didn't. it stayed on a NW direction..Like it was flying towards Castle AFB. which is a Federal prison now..About 3 minutes later..I think these jets came from Lemoore Naval Air Station, because they were 2 QF-A18's Hornets / the Nationl Guard base near me..nothing was flying out of their..and the only planes that they have are QF-16's and these jets were hot on it's tail..

I waited near the store for over 15 minutes to see if maybe the craft would come back..but never did...

MUFON Case # 28634
February 28, 2011
Box shaped object with green and red lights at lower perimeter. Moving East, low and slow over backyard.

I awakened to use the bathroom.  I went downstairs,turning on no lights, then returned to my room, upstairs, in short order.  I went to the window to look out at the moon and the Orion constellation (I often look out at the night sky before returning to bed).  The night was crystal clear and cloudless and I looked to my left at the stars and moon.

I was immediately distracted by moving lights to my right and turned and saw a flying craft unlike any I have ever seen.

It was shaped like a box,square at the front with rectangular sides and underside. The sky was very dark blue and the object was black against it. The perimeter of the underside was lined with lights,red and green (alternating),that sequentially turned on and off,giving a rotating effect similar to that of the lights bordering a theater marque.

This object was large and very low.  I estimate the front to be thirty feet square and the length ninety feet.  The surface of the object was absolutely smooth,featureless and non reflective.  There were no windows.  The lights circling the lower perimeter were numerous.  I estimate one hundred.  They were not circular but shaped like footballs standing on point and as large.

The window through which I was watching this object was closed but The left side of my face was against the glass and I heard no sound.  This was curious because this thing was so close.I estimate the altitude at about two hundred feet but heard nothing.  Equally as curious was the speed at which it was moving forward.  Maybe fifteen miles per hour and no variation.  Its motion forward and level attitude also did not vary.

There was nothing above the object holding it up and nothing below supporting it.  Nothing was ahead of it and nothing trailing.

The object passed out of my view over the back of the house and I turned,stepped to the center of the room, paused, and then sat down on my bed. Looking back, this inaction and loss of curiosity is out of character for me.  I sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, eventually laying down, and slept until morning.


Editor's Note:  I am presently working on a case here in North Texas, where the witness has recently been seeing a square shaped UFO. 
The witness has seen this object 5 times in one week.
The object stays low, traveling at tree top or below treetop level, with red/green lights on the craft.

If you have seen such an object, specifically in the area north of Dallas, please contact me. Thanks- Sunny


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  1. I witnessed a "Flying Door" near Lemoore AFB several times in 1991 and 1992 while directing a Pesticide monitoring project for the EPA near that base and near the town of Hanford. I was able to view it through Binoculars every time. Several fellow field technicians reported the same. In every case the object was escorted by F-18s, and the object had no sound. Once we saw it take-off from Lemoore NAS and fly straight up, followed by 2 F-18s, one of which flew past it to get in front, and they burned up to such a high altitude my Binocs could no longer see them. The craft had a strange insignia on the bottom that appeared Japanese, and was Red in color. The craft was slate black and smooth. It appeared to be about the same size as the f-18, but was shaped like a door with smooth edges, no windows, no tail, no exhaust ports, and no cockpit, and flew long-ways, unlike a wing. A couple technicians thought it was being towed by the fighters, but I could clearly see it was not. Using HAM Radio I was able to drum-up a few more reports of this craft by locals. I never saw it fly slow, as described in this thread, but it may have been the same object. This is the only site I've been able to locate any mention of anything close to what we witnessed. All of our sightings were in broad daylight, which made it even more perplexing, and I have wondered about this for years since. We called it the "Flying Door".


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