Saturday, August 27, 2011

Possible UFO crash near Evarts, Kentucky


A MUFON Field Investigator observes a possible downed UFO.  Here is that unedited report.

MUFON Case # 31203
Event Date:  2011-08-26
Time:           21:00
City:    Evarts
State:    Kentucky
Shape:    Circle,Disc
Duration:    03:00:00
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    Multiple lights coming from a hillside, and a small amount of smoke. Lights were flashing solid beams into the sky.

Witness contact FI [name redacted] on August 27, 2011 via email. I, [name redacted] FI 10332, am submitting his account as this could be a crashed or a landed UFO.

Last night(8/26/2011) I was outside locking my truck up and my neighbor told me about an extremely bright beam of light shining through a window in her house that she noticed through her curtains about 30 minutes prior to my walking outside. Initially, I tried to ignore her, which is typically easy since her house is about 50 yards from my own and upon a small hill. However, she just wouldn't stop trying to get me to check it out from her vantage point so I walked up to her house and sat out on her 2nd story deck waiting for the lights to reappear. I didn't see anything for several minutes but in the mean time I noticed a dozen planes fly over the area in a matter of about 5 minutes; which to me is an unusually high amount of air traffic, as I frequently "star gaze". Sure enough though after several minutes I, too, saw this incredible, bright flash of a greenish-blue color. No beam, just a super bright flash that went away in seconds. After seeing this flash two more times in orange and white, my brother, neighbor, and myself decided to drive through our small town to see if we could get a closer look. Upon arriving at a local gas station approximately 1 mile away we noticed one police officer and a HAZMAT coordinator(who is also the chief of the fire dept.) looking at the same light that was now more than a mere flash. The lights were now located across the valley and about halfway up a small ridge, only accessible by an old logging road, and it had become six to eight smaller flashing lights which were red,blue, green and white and aligned in what looked like a semi-circular pattern.There was also a small amount of smoke coming from the scene, but not as much as you would typically see from a brush fire; and the amount of smoke also fluctuated with time. We asked the officers what they thought it could be and the HAZMAT guy said "no power lines had been reported down by KU" and "he wasn't sure", while the uniformed policeman jokingly said, "maybe it's E.T. with a blow torch". Both of which seemed to be more than a little stumped by this situation. There were also 6 other people who we talked to that confirmed the bright flashes. For the next 2 1/2 hours the three of us sat in the parking lot of this gas station and kept our eyes fixated on these lights which were now randomly flashing the colors i mentioned, but were dimming and then emitting powerful beams into the sky and through the trees in all directions periodically, and even went completely dark on 3 or 4 occasions. There was also a clearly audible "humming" sound coming from the area, that made more of a "wah-wah-wahhh" sound. There were power lines stretching in front of the lights that were completely visible due to the bright flashing of the lights and they appeared to be intact.The strangest thing to me though was we could spot a single light traveling up the logging road, which took about 30 minutes to get from the bottom of the hill to around the vicinity of these brighter lights, but before this light could get all the way up there, it promptly turned around and came back down in a matter of minutes. Dogs were also barking incessantly through this whole experience. After the lights finally quit flashing about 3 hours in, the lights went totally dark for about 20 minutes, at which time all the other spectators left, and then a single small,white light reappeared that was too bright to look at directly without causing pain or discomfort. We witnessed all of this through a pair of binoculars but due to the trees on the hill side the only thing we could clearly see was the colors and pattern of the lights. The police came back several hours later and told us it was, "in fact", a downed power line that had been arching and causing the bright flashes. Soon thereafter a KU truck came by, circled a short back road off KY-38, and left again without fixing this alleged down power line.

Also, this morning(8/27/2011) at about 9:00 am while on my way to class at the local community college I saw four KU trucks parked at different spots on KY-38, just parked there, sitting with no one doing any kind of work to power lines. Only a single person in the truck, the driver. Also in the gas station parking lot were two white Ford pick up trucks with the standard diamond shaped NFPA chemical hazard label, unfortunately, I did not think to stop by and take down the numbers within the diamond. There were so many things about this situation that didn't make sense to me and cause me to question it all. Here are a few of my most relevant questions:

Can a downed power line create a beam of light so bright that it can be seen in a house through the curtains, one mile away?

If it were a transformer that exploded, would it not create a single bright flash of a single color and then go dark? Why would the lights continue to reappear and go black?

Why would several blinking lights consolidate into one solid light?

If it was a downed power line, and KU knew about it, wouldn't they be obligated to fix the problem immediately? It could have potentially caused a forest fire.

In this area, small storms cause localized blackouts frequently, yet there was no blackout to be seen anywhere near this downed power line or blown transformer. Why?

What was the loud humming sound?

Why would KU trucks be parked on the side of the road, but not have anyone working on the power lines?

End of report.

Evarts, Kentucky
Satellite image courtesy of Google Maps.


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