Wednesday, August 17, 2011

UFO Buzzes Past Broadcaster's Head

Video Photo capture of object as it zips past Tom Watson.


Enhancement of object.  What is it?
UFO interrupts British news broadcast During a talking-head interview on Britain's Channel 4 News, a UFO zipped by the head of MP Tom Watson, prompting confused viewers to contact the television station. Honestly, folks! The naivety here astounds me — any self-respecting citizen knows that there are UFOs in the background of every news broadcast.

They're just normally camouflaged thanks to the cold-fusion-powered Reptiloid Illuminati Shield Generator housed at the Bohemian Grove. That day's story was on Rupert Murdoch, so I wouldn't put it past the mogul to be in cahoots with the ancient astronauts.



Note: Isn't London a 'no fly' zone? - SW


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