Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Iridescent Rectangle UFO Witnessed Over Sugarland, Texas

Here is a report of a rectangular object witnessed by a Sugarland, Texas resident, on August 5, 2011.

Note:  This brief sightings report submitted to NUFORC is posted here,  "as is". -SW


NUFORC Case # S82955
Date of Event: 8/5/2011
Time:          05:15
Location: Sugarland, Texas
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:12 seconds
Summary: Slow rectangular bright iridescent object in Texas sky.

Witness small light then transcended to a perfect rectangle. Thought it was a shooting star at first but then realized that it's shape was too perfect and it was moving really slow. Changed iridescent looking greens to pinks resting on a bright silver almost blinding if it was closer. Then it seemed to rotate and reveal it's opposite side but as it rotated it was pitch black except for the small light yet again. Then it was gone...


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