Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fort Worth Witness Claims 2 Sighting On 8/5/2011 and 8/14/2011

Photo capture from video.
Note: Lights in lower portion of photo - billboard (near lower center);
house lights (lower right corner).


I received this emailed report from a witness in the North Fort Worth, Texas area.  Report is "as is", with no corrections. -SW


Enlargement of blue object.
North Fort Wort area, 8/5/11 and 8/14/11
8/5/11 around 9:30pm my 31 year old son and I saw two different "lights" flying somewhat erratically. The larger object was mostly white and the smaller had a distict blue tone. They both seemed to pulse and rotate not rythmically though. There were 3 times that night that the large white pulsing object appeared within a span of around half an hour. The 2nd time it had vanished behind the roof line of the houses behind us, we saw it seconds later just hovering for a good 2 - 3 minutes over near DFW airport. When it returned the 3rd time is when the blue one showed up. My son grabbed his cell phone from the house at this point and recorded it. There is a lit up billboard over on Denton Highway that shows up along with a window lit up on the house behind us that gives two fixed points to use for reference. These things were to our south and east and viewed between the 2 fixed points. There is a plane that flew through the picture and you can definitely see the difference between it and the other two objects! I posted the video on my facebook page, [Name withheld by SW/LITS]*

Last night, 8/14/11 around 9:15pm, we were grilling out in the back yard, I started out the back door and saw the blue orb following behind a plane that had taken off out of DFW and was already pretty high in the sky. It stayed behind the plane for a second or two and then broke away and did some rather bizarre maneuvers. Most of the time, it was too high up or distant to show up on my son's cell video but It got really bright at one point, the blue light had white on top and beneath it and at another point it came much closer to where we were and those two times it did show up a bit.

We have been wondering if anyone else saw this either night.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Note:  I have emailed the witness but have not yet received a reply.  If the witness will send me the video, I will post it here.

Posting the witness' Facebook page would reveal their identity and until they give their approval to release that information, they will remain anonymous.

If you are in the Forth Worth area and observed these lights (objects) on the listed days, or at any other time, please contact me. - Sunny


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